in a car park/parking lot). I own a townhouse in a condo complex. What does parking space mean? It should have a minimum width of 2700 mm preferably 2 800 mm for ambulant disabled and minimum 3 000 mm preferably 3300 mm for wheel chair users. Handicap parking spots also must be of a certain size – a minimum of eight feet wide, with an aisle space adjacent to them that is also a minimum of five feet wide. Parking lots and parking decks usually have a finite amount of space available for vehicles. In addition to handicap spaces, these are spaces that may not always be utilized. I have the same problem with a parking space round the back of my house that's on my private property - I think obviously - but some people still assume to think they can park there. The townhouse came with the use of 2 parking spaces. All parking structures—whether basement, structured, or surface—must provide for the safe and efficient passage of automobiles as well as visitors to and from their vehicles. Generally speaking ample parking in a given situation meets 85% - 90% occupancy (9 out of every 10 spaces will be full during normal use). On-street parking. In most on-street parking situations where you have to pay for parking, you will find a parking meter. If you use a laptop or tablet, you may notice … Urban parking spaces can have a high value where the price of land is high. It can be impersonal and classificatory. Word of the day. Another consideration is the use of reserve parking. Definition of parking in the Idioms Dictionary. It can be impersonal and classificatory. A condominium is described as “the concept of ownership of a single unit of air space within a multiple dwelling complex, together with joint ownership of the amenities (pool, recreation center, greenbelts, etc.) It sounds better, but the reality is that it is worse: You have strangers driving your car, and you have to give them 30 minutes notice when you want to use it. What are synonyms for parking stall? Parking lot definition is - an area used for the parking of motor vehicles. Therefore, attention should be given to maximizing visibility for vehicles entering parking lanes and individual spaces, circulating within the parking lot, and entering and exiting the parking area. Both spaces are marked with the number of my unit. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. It is important to follow parking lot basic rules in Florida and the United States. A space in which to park a car or other vehicle.. parking space synonyms: parking spot, spot. There is a trade off for disabling parking. What does parking expression mean? Meaning of parking space. See definitions & examples. parking - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. parking phrase. Classified under: Nouns denoting spatial position. You may have to pay the annual levy if you own a residential or non-residential off-street parking space located in specific districts. It may not be economically feasible to extend the boundaries of a parking lot or construct another parking deck. and individuals can rent out their parking space … Ben-Joseph wrote in his book, Re-Thinking a Lot, “Generous parking requirements and low parking prices tend to discourage infill development and encourage sprawl. The word actually explains itself: On-street parking means parking your vehicle on the street, anywhere on or along the curb of streets, in contrast to parking it in a parking garage.In some streets you can always park your vehicle on the street, but sometimes there are restrictions. Parking meters manage payment for the parking space. Covered parking is a parking lot arrangement where a carport or other cover is added over the parking spots so as to shield the parked cars from rain and sun and precipitation and hail. • A parking space open on one side, allowing room for individuals in wheelchairs or individuals on braces and crutches to get in and out of an automobile onto a level surface, is adequate. Understanding how people plan to use parking is a major contributor in determining the parking ratio. Hypernyms ("parking space" is a kind of...): space (an area reserved for some particular purpose) (noun) 1920s; earliest use found in The Gettysburg Times. In most situations there is a time limit to park at a parking meter. This is the same for all units. Private parking owners such as hotels, companies, universities, hospitals, etc. What is the definition of parking stall? Synonyms for parking space include parking spot, spot, mooring, bay, landing, parking bay, reserved space, tie-up, anchorage and berth. What is the meaning of parking stall? Perhaps you are at a point where you have to make a decision such as job change or a place to live. A parking meter is a device to collect money for parking. Space Attributes. I've left notes, saying that I've taken photographs of the car parked there, and if they park there again, I'll take the photos to the police. e) the agency claims that an allocated parking space has been provided (in the form of valet parking), and fail to see that valet parking is NOT the same as a 'normal' allocated space.

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