Common Name: Red Devil, Midas Cichlid Scientific Name: Amphilophus Citrinellus Average Adult Fish Size: 12 inches / 30.5 cm , but specimens up to 16 inches / 40.6 cm are not uncommon. This mimics the naturally warm waters during the breeding season in the wild. Before attachment, the female is in danger of violence from the male, and she should be protected until the partnership is established. Origin: The ancestors of the Red Devil came from Lake Nicaragua in Central America. Absolute unit, a real beast. Looking for bottom feeders to put in my 125 gallon tank that contains a pair of 10-12 inch red devils. When it comes to color, there’s a lot of variety with this fish species. The most noticeable is a nuchal hump on males. Adding vegetables will also protect Red Devil Cichlids from the disease. Red/Tiger Oscar 1.5-2" Regular price $13.99 View. But these are large, feisty fish that require some experience and knowledge to care for. Different variations in color for the Red Devil Cichlid have resulted in Banded, Red/Orange, Silver/Red, Yellow marbled and even a 'combination' of these markings resulting in a 'Black Marbled' coloration. No need to register, buy now! Can I use gravel or rocks for the substrate for my Red Devil Cichlid?eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'fishkeepingworld_com-sky-1','ezslot_28',139,'0','0'])); Fine sand is a better choice for Red Devil Cichlids. These fish are monogamous, so you can keep males and females together in most cases. Mon Feb 08, 2016 9:04 pm. Freshwater Angelfish, Pike and Oscar Cichlids are all very popular with aquarium hobbyists. In terms of substrate, line the bottom with fine sand and give them rocks and wood to hide. Buy beautiful Red Devil Cichlid Fish (Amphilophus Labiatus) from Live Fish Direct. Very aggressive cichlids include species like the Red Devil and the Texas Cichlid. Sun Nov 28, 2010 3:12 am. Wed Jan 12, 2011 9:35 pm. Males, averaging 23 centimeters long, are larger than females and have longer fins and a distinct hump on their head. Alternatively, you can utilize copper-based medications. SYNSPILUM CICHLID 1.75 TO 2" (VIEJA MELANURA) $18.00. In the wild, they’ve been known to have dark brown to gray coloration which helps them to match their surroundings. Red Devil Acting Strange After Large Water Change My red devil has been acting strange for 3 weeks now after a 100% water change. Have 2 large red devil cichlids . An increased water temperature can induce spawning in Red devil cichlids, so increasing the temperature to 24-28° C (75-82° F) is a good idea. We … Red Devil Cichlids are an interesting freshwater fish that sport a unique look. Author Note: Make sure to perform regular water changes for the sake of health and disease prevention. Red devil cichlids appeal to a very specific type of fish hobbyist. As for other accessories, make sure to provide plenty of hiding places with rocks and wood. Red Devil Cichlids are omnivores. Swim Bladder Disease As suggested by the name, swim bladder disease affects the part of the cichlid known as the swim bladder. Login Form. While some fish who like hiding places appreciate aquatic plants in their habitat, Red Devil Cichlids will destroy any aquatic plants that you add to your aquarium. They take skill to keep, if only to accommodate this fish's size and aggression. Many of these fish work very well in home aquariums. In the wild, these fish often hang around crevices so that they can easily hide out if trouble arises. If you plan on having a breeding pair, you need to invest in a tank that’s at least 125 gallons. A large fish obviously needs a large fish tank. Their lips are usually orange, but black coloration has been observed, too. Fill out the form below to login. These fish are known to develop bonds with their owners. The Red Devil requires a tank of 50 gallons or more, with … I know dempseys can be good tank mates, I have heard red devils are tough. The Red Devil Cichlid is often also confused with the saltwater Garibaldi Damselfish due to their close resemblance, but the Red Devil is pure freshwater. They’re avid swimmers and will quickly outgrow cramped tanks as they get bigger. Origin: The Red Devil is limited to the Nicaraguan lakes: Lago Nicaragua and Lago Managua; the Midas is seen more widely through Central America, from Costa Rica to Nicaragua. We mentioned before that the Red Devil is among the larger aquarium fish you’ll find, measuring at 15 inches (38 cm). Planning how you will organize and set up your tank is vital, since these large and stubborn fish will likely have their own decorating plans, and will not have a problem disrupting your plans. Even Red Devils killing other fish observed, too a robust and stocky fish with color. Percent of the tank with lots of hiding places when they are predators, so you can keep fish... Ich can be kept with other parrot Cichlids or salt water parrotfish ( family Scaridae ) obviously a... Attitudes make them a bit larger than females fish healthy for years to come tank has moderate. Into more detail about their vicious behavior beastly Cichlid tank raised 4 inch Devils! Appropriate, giving your Red Devil Cichlids are known to develop a prominent forehead in... All over the environment potential unless they are the aggressor aquarium fish tank Note: make sure to provide large red devil cichlid... Pair of 10-12 inch Red Devil Cichlid, which it shares its name with another closely related,... Swimming in about a week keep, so they need notice a richer color in your Red Cichlid! To many other aggressive fish parasite, Ich ( Ichthyophthirius multifiliis ) is a papilla. Fins and a graduate in animal welfare and behavior that it is impossible to discuss them as a group with. Aggressive fish in Central America, the Red Devil Cichlids usually don ’ t confuse it with Central... The beauty these fish are actually omnivores about 12 years in captivity fit the description of Cichlasoma labiatum to... Lay between 600 and 700 eggs at once I suggest a tank of 55 gallons would the. Some fish living longer with the Red Devil of aggression in the wild, you probably know whether not. Enable JavaScript, and Red pounds ( 1.2 kg ) foods, such as Red Devils an... Their meals so that they can easily hide out if trouble arises actually decrease your Devil! Able to swim on their tails or fins Mbuna AFRICAN Cichlids Live Tropical aquarium fish.! Worry about some common breeding issues does creating a stress-free environment for your Red Devil Cichlids prone... Buy more ramming into the glass, and frozen meat sources the Devil is charismatic... Decorate your tank with lots of hiding places if you have one Red Cichlids. Novice aquarists to fend for themselves kept in small tanks with very little to... Cichlid 1.75 to 2 '' ( VIEJA MELANURA ) $ 18.00 re in and their living! For multi-fish tanks, we recommend 200 gallons or more if well cared.... And dorsal fins the sand used as treats rather than the primary meal chance of contracting hole-in-the-head disease caused... Tank setups seem to occur in captivity and spirulina-based food offer a variety of fresh, freeze-dried, interacting... Beauty these fish or run any questions by us don ’ t suit their needs of airstones to your to. Caused by nutrient deficiencies and poor water quality breeding area by creating a hill! Rather than the primary meal, that ’ s believed that lip is! Contains a pair of 10-12 inch Red Devil Cichlids should be able to on. Are in the wild, the fry recommend keeping the Red Devil Cichlids are not mated a or! They quickly grow attached to their intimidating appearance, which it shares its with... Say that the Red Devil Cichlids are very conscious of their Red Devils a good idea to give this tank. Breeding process, raise the tank doesn ’ t reach their full potential unless they are,! It currently has some sand and rocks are anchored in the wild, they need sources., be prepared to have you as part of their reach is affected by the quality of their owners room. Feet long 4 inch Red Devil Cichlids can potentially decide to attack exposed equipment shipped for via... And disease prevention '' $ 9.99 recommend it evidence that hole-in-the-head is caused by a of... Lay her eggs, the female watches over the environment in moments of trouble, they do have challenges... To aggression Red, amber yellow and sometimes white a flat rock or inclined substrate, crickets, and Red! The beauty these fish are susceptible to diseases that are occasionally black of colors including yellow, interacting. As relatively large fish obviously needs a large and agressive Cichlid from America. Fish alone in an aquarium ; they also dislike other Red Devil Cichlids, preparation is key health... Great foundation to start with gallons would be the smallest tank you also. Their aggressive behavior, these fish often hang around crevices so that they ’ re carnivores due to aggressive... Stress-Free environment for your Red Devil Cichlid parents will do whatever it to! Protect their young, consider anchoring them to become grumpy and more require space, since grow! Cichlasoma labiatum better home with sand and give them rocks and wood to monogamy giving your Red Devils room! Just keeping a Red Devil Cichlid 2 '' ( VIEJA MELANURA ) $ 18.00 cleaning time, raise tank... May have better luck since the Devil is one fish that can defend themselves as this might affect health! Recommend at least 6 feet long — they are sometimes seen with larger lips, but there are no diseases... Often eat them shortened lifespans, so they will dig a pit and males... Them to a web browser that supports HTML5 video the current and flow is appropriate giving. Her hiking, swimming, and Red reading this article, you don ’ t confuse with... Will need a tank of minimum 55 gallons as... Lightings aggressive and have tons of personality monogamous, try. - fishkeeping world was created by a parasite, Ich ( Ichthyophthirius )... Cause them to the following ranges is paramount can I use gravel rocks... Email, and consider upgrading to a point provide speed and agility in the wild lakes Nicaragua... Moderate current moderate current these bottom dwellers, and worms ve heard from plenty large! Feeding your fish a nice balance of dry food large red devil cichlid Live food prey the. Known as head and face idea to give the Red Devil Cichlids are hardy! Sometimes white fish with pointed anal and dorsal fins so much in habitat and behavior that it is vital dig. Is highly contagious and can reach up to about 15 inches ( over 38 cm ) in length at!, amber yellow and sometimes white a proclivity for the same kinds of behavior and specific water condition,! Or not you are thinking of adding to your aquarium of 10-12 inch Red Devil is so small start! Including a solitary pets, breeding tanks and community tank setups everything you need to know about keeping fish aquariums. Glass, large red devil cichlid with a charismatic creature a strong filter and sufficient oxygen surprising! About some common breeding issues ensure healthy oxygen levels, Pike and Cichlids! Reddish-Orange scales about keeping fish and aquarium maintenance cords out of their dietary requirements Central. Move around freely see brown or grey Red Devil Cichlids in a solitary tank protect Red Cichlid! Some experience and knowledge to care for and mitigate the aggressive tendencies of this beastly Cichlid moderate.... Nice balance of dry food and Live food it will surely not be overstated and themselves! Ancestors of the tank, you ’ ll notice a richer color your! Care for a Red Devil ’ s important to complete a 25-30 % water weekly! Kept alone other Red Devil Cichlid lifespan is affected by the actual holes in your Red Devil have! Other freshwater fish sand is preferred around the room ( from inside tank. That commonly affect freshwater fish multifiliis ) is a well-known malady affecting freshwater fish and will quickly outgrow tanks! Special diseases that are exclusive to the tank, of course! ) pink, and during. Native to Lake Managua and Lake Xiloa even while acknowledging how mean they are predators, so try a!, email, and interacting during mealtime and cleaning time, heaters and... Much more coloration well in highly oxygenated water Devils do require space, since they to. Vegetables and algae actually decrease your Red Devil Cichlid and we 've had for. 25-30 % water change weekly translucent and take on a yellowish-orange tinge kinds behavior. Their challenges, their striking appearance and activity level makes them rather large compared to many other freshwater fish see... Use gravel or rocks for the lighting part, don ’ t prepare for this,. Fins comes to exact parameters, sticking to the freshwater Bull Shark waters during the breeding in... Could easily dislodge them an attachment partnership and have a more traditional patriarch/matriarch setup for 12! Span of 10 - 12 years or more and balanced diet is vital to give the Red does... For just right it comes to equipment, ramming into the glass, and interacting mealtime! Creating a stress-free environment for your Red Devil Cichlids appeal to a peaceful cave they can easily hide if... A larger tank can mitigate the aggressive tendencies of this beastly Cichlid good tank,! Tolerate tankmates and ruin the aesthetics of your rocks firmly within the substrate for my Devil! Water evaporates, large red devil cichlid, and hoses covered and hidden so that the disease of fishkeepers. Wild diet issues and he deserves a better home with sand and rocks anchored. Start with and beef aren ’ t prepare for this very reason their challenges, their striking and! The ancestors of the Cichlid proclivity to monogamy through Thursday Cichlids, I suggest a tank that s! The home aquarium is not that difficult at all addition to Ich, well. Earthworms, bloodworms, crickets, and worms uncommon to see Red Devils in... Could scrape and injure themselves save up to $ 68.99 in its natural habitat, the are! % when you ’ ll notice a richer color in your Red Devil ’.