They are soothing with their lyrics and instrumentals. With this, we see no confusion or double guessing for you when creating your country songs playlist. “Dance Monkey” by Tones and I. In any case that you grew up listening to country music with daddy, or you’re a country girl at heart. Your first dance on your wedding day is romantic, personal, and unforgettable.So, of course, you need to find the perfect tune to mark the special occasion. But when you're planning your country wedding, you'll be looking for the perfect sweet and sentimental country love song when you hit the dance floor as a married couple for the first time. Your personality matters. You’re in the right place. The last dance is just as important as the first. Read on for the names of fun wedding songs for 2021 and their artists. From Thomas Rhett to Kacey Musgraves, your search ends here. Once you've narrowed down which songs you want to hear during your ceremony and reception, connect with your vendors to share your must-play song list. UBC Farm Whether you want to amp up your cocktail hour with a few square dances or use banjos and fiddles to get your guests onto the dance floor at your reception , you’re going to need the best country wedding songs to make your playlist pop. And getting ready brings you to the realization that it’s actually happening. Here is your ultimate country wedding reception playlist. Also called Electric Slide is a fun hit by Marcia Griffiths, a popular tune for wedding line dances. So, check out some of the best country songs for wedding which will drag you to the dance … They tell tales, and in this case the story of love, effortlessly. Baby, loving you is fun.’”. Dance Monkey – Tones and I . Whether you're working with a DJ or live band for the party, give them your requests and see if they have any other suggestions to complete your setlist. Cha-Cha slide (DJ Casper) To end your night right, this is your country music party playlist. If you love country music, but still want to keep your ceremony more on the traditional side, you might consider using an instrumental (read: wordless) or acoustic arrangement of your favorite tune. Looking for a romantic country wedding song for your first dance? “I had always thought it would be a great first dance song because not every day is your best day, but sometimes the thoughts and hopes of better days can be an encouragement. I wanted to dance with my dad to a unique song that meant something special to us and held some memories I most enjoyed. Songs that are perfect for the newlywed's first dance, or great love songs that are perfect for tonight. Does Spencer love songs that tell a story, and what music tells greater stories than country songs? Before joining The Knot Worldwide, Sarah was a contributing writer for Bravo at NBC Universal. Looking to take your wedding reception playlist to the next level? “We went back and forth on lots of songs, even from other bands we had seen live and settled on this song because it tells the story that mirrors traditional marriage vows,”. "Kiss an Angel Good Morning," Charley Pride. "Angel," by Casting Crowns From the album: Come to the Well, 2011 … We scouted the Bridal Fashion Week runways to find the trends you need to know. (And if you're in search of a great cake-cutting song or a sentimental father-daughter dance ballad, don't worry—we've included editor-approved selections for those too. Like, kick your granny out because the bar is closing, and she’s still busting a move kind of amazing wedding playlist. This article highlights over 60 of the best country songs for your wedding, including links to videos appropriate for your ceremony, processional, recessional, first dance, and father/daughter dance. If you woke up with so much confidence, then country songs to boost it are perfect. They relay the message. 1. 2 “As You Dance” by Reid Michaels. As an added bonus, most of these are nice and slow which may be perfect for dad’s dance skills. Sarah has a degree in journalism and resides in New York City. It took me a LONG time to make this list of country love songs that could work for a wedding (even longer than it took me to sort through hundreds of songs for this list of 20 Unique Wedding Songs).It’s not that there aren’t a TON of great country love songs out there…there are! When he heard it, it helped him look ahead to brighter days, and when he got better and then eventually met Amber, those brighter days became a reality. Browse our selections (and read our favorite lyrics) to complete your country playlist. It features the greatest country artists ever from the nooks and crannies of the world. All throughout the night, you’ll find a fitting spot for your favorite country song. To help save you some time, I have compiled a list of some of the best love songs that country music has to offer. They’ll make you laugh, they’ll make you cry, and they might even make you line dance. It doesn't matter whether you're planning to dance with your mom, your dad or a VIP in your life. Your audience range at different age brackets, so include some new country songs 2020/2021 and some blasts from the past, so that everyone can relate. Not a great time to be reminded of your ex. Arrange for a few cowboy hats for the kids to wear. It mustn’t be love songs, but lively songs that will get guests leaping from their chairs. The country wedding songs list for after party could be wild, slow, upbeat or a mix of fun country wedding songs. Your guests are sure to remember every special moment throughout the event, but the one they’ll be talking about on the way home is the send-off dance. Start wedding reception upbeat country playlist with the classics. So many of our readers are planning beautiful rustic and country style weddings and need a wonderful country song to go with it. Looking for processional music that's a bit unconventional? Couples who are planning their reception music and have an obsession with Nashville artists like Brad Paisley, George Strait, and Kacey Musgraves, should consider these country first dance songs. Umbrella – Rihanna. Each song in this category is chock-full of emotion and sure to tug on dad’s heartstrings. Top country wedding songs help you get through the morning, leaving you with a burst of confidence. It has to speak to your relationship. If you’re dreaming of a soundtrack to accompany your wedding ceremony, look no further than country songs about love. Megan, who was already a fan of the genre, introduced Spencer to country music and he was hooked. Don’t pick songs that are so popular that everyone will get distracted and sing along, but also don’t choose songs that no one knows. Ellie Goulding delivers a romantic dance song that's full of slow moments and anticipated build ups– the perfect song to give people a break without having the dance floor lose steam. Danny Austin Photography. Whether you're looking for the perfect country song for the first dance, the father-daughter dance, or songs for your reception, this is the ultimate guide. Your wedding day will be one of the most important of your life and needs the perfect music to set the tone and get everyone in the mood. Ensure that your band can play the songs perfectly. To make it special, choose a country song that's meaningful and reflects the importance of your relationship for your parent dance, and prepare for one of the most tear-jerking moments of the entire day. From the older generation to young adults and teenagers. "Big, Big Plans," Chris Lane “Angels” by Randy Travis “Boy” by Lee Brice “Call Your Mama” by Seth Ennis ft. Little Big Town “Don’t Blink” by Kenny Chesney “He Gets That From Me” by Reba McEntire From the best 90s country songs to modern and new jams, there’s something here for every country fan … H.O.L.Y. Thanks for the input from my friends! 1. 35 Amazing Wedding Processional Songs In 2020/2021, Top 80 Heart Warming Love Songs For Him For 2021, 66 Modern Love Songs For Your Wedding Day 2021 Playlist. Prepare to kick off your shoes and close out your wedding dancing and drinking to some of these party favorite songs. Country music is known for having a feel-good, laid-back vibe, which makes it a great genre to play at weddings—especially during the first dance! If your dream is to have a full-blown country party, consider looking for vendors who specialize in that genre. To help craft your ideal playlist, we've rounded up the best country wedding songs for every stage of your big day, from getting ready with your squad to hitting the after-party. All Around Raleigh DJ Company is located in Raleigh, NC … Continue reading 31 Country Slow Dance Songs – Country Wedding First Dance Songs » And every dance has the perfect country dance songs to match. Make sure this does NOT make an appearance on the list. Another pointer if the kind of couple you are. And every dance has the perfect country dance songs to match. From Taylor Swift to Tim McGraw to Kacey Musgraves, pretty much every country legend has penned a swoon-worthy love song. The lyrics are surely going to make the bride cry. First dance songs don't have to be boring - check out our list of 35 country-inspired options that make for great wedding songs. Many modern weddings try to surprise guests with an upbeat choreographed number, but nothing beats a good old romantic slow dance. Country music is a little bit of an acquired taste and a little dress-up will help them get into it. End your reception on a positive note, whether it's one last slow dance or a fast-paced number. Yeah Weddings has a full list of songs for you to choose from, so get ready to put on your dancing shoes! For the guests who make it to the wedding after-party, this is the time when things tend to get a little, well, rowdy. I’m gonna be honest with you (as most country songs would). Nearly every music pro we interviewed mentioned this alternative indie track as a top wedding song for 2020. Love is not canceled, neither is your planning. The song was When I Said I Do and it shot straight to #1 that year. After answering these questions and reminiscing, chances are you will have several first dance wedding song candidates. Country songs have a tendency to be themed around heartbreak. (And if you're in search of a great cake-cutting song or a sentimental father-daughter dance ballad, don't worry—we've included editor-approved selections for those too. Dynamically save and compile your favorite songs. You’re now an official couple, it’s victory and you couldn’t be happier. If you’re going for upbeat, try a fusion. 1. If you’re scared, you need songs to encourage and assure you. This category lets you choose the best of classic country and western, pop and rock mashups, modern ballads, and the top country songs in 2020/2021 which keep our toes tapping. Check the infographic about How to choose country wedding songs for more inspiration! "I always was curious: What would I say when I'm proposed to?". Country and Western has come a long way from it’s Southern US origins spanning and mashing with today’s most popular music. Check out these country songs perfect for the special moment shared between a groom and his mother. In the meantime it may good to start looking for First Dance Songs and Mother Son Dance Songs that could be a good a fit! Country music has some of the best love sayings. "Change Your Name," Brett Young. I ’ve been to my fair share of receptions that had amazing wedding dance songs. Looking for a mother-son dance song for your wedding? Involve the groom, your bridal party, and the DJ so that you have a well-rounded mix of country wedding songs. Songs like “My little girl” by Tim McGraw and “In my mother’s eyes” by Willie Nelson among others suit. Country wedding songs aren’t always all moody and reflecting, but there are good country songs to dance to. “Dance Monkey” by Tones and I. If you’re involved in any aspect of wedding planning— make sure your wedding playlist is solid for the reception. “This Australian singer-songwriter has a unique and fun sound that's hard to resist,” says Troy Adams of Carolina DJ Professionals in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was an old song from 1965. No matter the figure you choose, this wedding moment is going to be emotional. Looking to give your bridal party a fresh feel? And while your wedding day can certainly be stressful all on its own, factoring in the song choice for the night’s father-daughter dance can definitely add some extra anxiety. 1. They did their research and eventually chose “God Gave Me You,” by Blake Shelton. If you’re big fans of country music then you might want to consider some country wedding songs for your special day. What Country Wedding Music Real Couples Used For Their First Dance? N ashville artists are good at a lot of things, including pumping out heartbreaking ballads and tunes that make perfect country wedding songs. This meaningful moment doesn't have to be serious or solemn, so you should choose music that speaks to you. The Father daughter wedding dance is one of the most sentimental moments of the event. Involve your whole team. These country dance songs are sure to get your guests dipping, twirling and square dancing until the wee hours of the morning. Blessed with the perfect voice for a love song, Vince Gill has released multiple classic weddings songs. This depends on who’s gracing the dance floor. Every little southern girl dreams of a country wedding (if you've ever seen Sweet Home Alabama, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about) and so do many other country music lovers! Here they are! Nope. Define your energy on your wedding day and choose country music wedding songs that match it. Choose songs that fit the description. Consult your DJ to get the best line dance upbeat country wedding reception songs. From reception entrance to the end of the wedding, it’s dance all the way. Your personalities will tell on the energy of the country love songs to choose. Lyrics you'll love: "I wanna know you like I know every road back home/From that first tell-all, I knew that I'd never, I'd never let you go" 2. We are talking energy-packed and familiarity with the guests. Here are the best country party songs to get all your guests onto the dance floor. ), Lyrics you'll love: "Baby, you a song/You make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise/Down a back road blowin' stop signs/Through the middle every little farm town with you", Lyrics you'll love: "When the bones are good, the rest don't matter/Yeah, the paint could peel, the glass could shatter/Let it rain 'cause you and I remain the same/When there ain't a crack in the foundation/Baby, I know any storm we're facing/Will blow right over while we stay put/The house don't fall when the bones are good", Lyrics you'll love: "Pedal to the floorboard/Eight up in a four-door/Burnin' up a back-road song/Park it and we pile out/Baby, watch your step now/Better have your boots on/Kick the dust up", Lyrics you'll love: "So baby why don't we just dance/Down the hall maybe straight up the stairs/ Bouncin' off the wall floatin on air/Baby why don't we just dance", Lyrics you'll love: "I wanna be here when the sun comes up/Share a first sip from your coffee cup/And share a last kiss after the sun goes down", Lyrics you'll love: "So come on over here and get in my arms/Spin me around this big ole bar/Tangle me up like grandma's yarn", Lyrics you'll love: "Honey I'd love to change your name/Make yours and mine one in the same/Ain't nothing else about you I'd ever want to change/Honey I'd sure love to change your name", Lyrics you'll love: "I don't ever want to wake up/Lookin' into someone else's eyes/Another voice calling me baby/On the other end of the phone", Lyrics you'll love: "The taste of love is sweet/When hearts like ours meet/I fell for you like a child/Oh, but the fire went wild", Lyrics you'll love: "Now all the lights are flashin' gold/Nobody cares how fast we go/Our soundtrack's in the stereo/The DJ's on a role", Lyrics you'll love: "It's funny how it's the little things in life that mean the most/Not where you live, what you drive or the price tag on your clothes", Lyrics you'll love: "Cause I love every little, every little, every little thing about her love/Just a little, just little, just a little ain't enough".