Would I recommend this venue? it. Everyone we dealt with was extremely friendly and professional. We planned our wed... First off let me start off by saying that I have NEVER left a review for anything in my life. When we asked to see the room before discussing money he became extremely annoyed and huffy. The Fox Hollow is a great a beautiful place to get married. Everything went so smooth and was timed perfectly. Those at Fox Hollow who were in charge seemed very disorganized. I've got another one coming." Only that didn’t happen and with everything else to think about it was easy to forget. The food was delicious and the seafood boat we had impressed every one of our guests. Upon a visit back to make a payment, the room max came up and I was told that the room 144 is ideal and 156 is squeezing a bit. I was told that I have 24 hours to ask my guests if they wanted to book their rooms at this hotel. It was convenient. P.S - The Inn at the Fox Hollow was also great. I speak with Mike and he says, "I can't help but laugh..." We cannot get over how special he made our day. She made sure my dress looked great for pictures by always setting it up for the photographer. He walked us through all of our choices. She offered to go out of her way to help me on many occasions. Our wedding was yesterday and we had both our ceremony and reception at the Fox Hollow...and they did everyth... My wedding was 12/10/16. Josh and Megan made the night so special for us, we greatly appreciate them. Megan always had my back, literally. The Fox Hollow staff is very good at keeping things on schedule for the night but at a few times I did feel a bit rushed to be in a certain place and I felt that I needed a moment to fix my hair/makeup/use the bathroom/take a breath, etc. Our Maitre'D was Angie, and my bridal attendant was Noelia. I said I didn't want to worry about this stuff on the day of, but our worries were dismissed. Fox Hollow, located in upstate New York, was the perfect venue to channel the relaxed sophistication that Ari and Nick wanted out of their wedding event space. Although we used Francesco’s since that’s the cake that was included. Our wedding cake from Francesco's was the best wedding cake I've ever had. They made sure everyone had something to eat at all meals which was so important to us and really made the night. I said that the day of will be busy, so I wanted to bring it in the day before. It wasn't just like hard boiled eggs and bagels. The FOOD (of course!) Additionally, I wanted to use my own florist, but Mike made the process so difficult, that I ended up going with one of their preferred vendors. Our facility features a magnificent golf course, clubhouse, outdoor shelter, two volleyball courts and a 10,000 square foot banquet hall. She kept on top of the staff and the vendors and kept everything running so smoothly! Truly organized and wonderful treatment. If I could get married again and again I'd pick Fox Hollow every single time!! My mom and sister keep on saying how great she was! After attending five weddings there we trusted that our special day at The Fox Hollow would be a memorable occasion. We had our wedding on July 17th in the Winter Garden room and we could not ask for a better place. We will be sure to share your kind words with our team. ), and of course, the food. Our day was absolutely perfect and I am so thankful! 2. Simply put, our wedding went beyond our expectations and we are so thankful that we chose the Fox Hollow! All of our staff is trained to provide our couples & their guests with sup... My wedding at the fox hollow was everything I wanted! We fell in love with the Fox and so did our guests. We’re so glad we celebrated our wedding reception at Fox Hollow and highly recommend it to anyone looking for high quality services at a very good value. We met with David Taylor - he was very welcoming and had great, positive energy! Would 10/10 recommend as a venue for anything honestly. For any future bride and grooms looking to book, I would highly recommend The Fox Hollow. Thank you for the beautiful review! Unlike other halls, Fox Hollow delivers every bit of what they promise. aking. Because of them, we had the greatest day and night of our life. They truly made the wedding day perfect. Josh & Megan, you are AMAZING and we love you! the BEST and my bridal attendant Megan was PERFECT. The day was absolutely perfect and I do not think Fox Hollow could have done anything else to make the day any better than they made it! Josh and Megan gave us a gift that we will be forever thankful for. Besides the mass miscommunication... they know how to throw a party and test you like royalty on the day of... before not so much... the food was awesome, drinks were plenty, look and feel was exactly what we wanted. iful and the staff is more amazing than words can describe. All night he was checking in and anything I needed he was right there. Everything is so well planned and executed. Overall...It was a wonderful venue, great food, everyone had an amazing time., including myself and my husband and my family. But through everyone that we dealt with, our maitre d, Arthur, was the best person we could have asked for. My husband and I could not be any happier with the hospitality and care that was put forth to make our day the best it could be. 8. ion to get married outdoors on a rainy day up to 30 mins prior to ceremony time! We had Samir as our Maitre D and I think he was a huge part of the night going off without a hitch. Guests loved staying right next door. The Fox Hollow was the absolute best choice for our wedding. We had less than 5 months to plan our wedding, and David was very helpful to give us a recommended timeline for a daytime wedding, and also give us his recommendations for vendors and who to contact. From the rehearsal dinner to the ceremony and reception, every moment will be a time of joy. Josh was my maitre d’ and Nichoil (sorry if spelling of her name is incorrect) was my bridal attendant. oughout the process and made it so easy for us and my parents (who are local). The grounds are beautiful for taking pictures. He set up the room for us in multiple ways weeks before the wedding (via diagrams and physically setting up the room and sending us photos) to help us maximize the space based on our guests’ needs. ), the cocktail spaces, the Winter Garden Pavilion room. We even booked at the Inn to get ready the morning of and they worked with us with taking pictures on the property before my 6pm wedding since it got dark before our ceremony. We fell in love with this venue right from the start and Taylor was wonderful! The Fox is no joke, these guys know how to throw a damn good party and you would be stupid not to have them host the most special and memorable day of your life. as our bridal attendant who was also INCREDIBLE - sweet, supportive, calm, and on top of anything and everything. the food is absolutely delicious and I keep saying that I can’t wait for someone else to get married there so I can eat the food again! Although I will say, they did a wonderful job setting up all of my centerpieces just as I described I wanted. I called back at 7, as I never heard back. Because I chose to not do a reveal and didn't want to see my husband before the ceremony, so myself and my bridesmaids went off the the bridal sweet a whopping half hour before we "were allowed on the venue property" and got some push back about that because the room was not "set up to their standards". Drinks never ending and the overall venue was just gorgeous. We were surprised to see him, as we knew that Michael was not scheduled to be in that day. We had an awesome experience planning the moment we walked through their doors! Sabrina helped with my dress pretty much all night because of the long train, she waited on my family hand and foot, they LOVED her. Hope to see you there. What more could you want from your wedding venue? During the wedding, he came up to us on multiple occasions to make sure we were happy with everything. It’s nice to go to the showcases to meet vendors, but these meetings definitely set Fox Hollow apart; they’re an extremely valuable resource. Most places only allow you to have 4 to 5 options at the most on a menu. We booked but that treatment was not appropriate. We had such a great night and are so glad we chose the Fox Hollow for our wedding! Thanks to him we were able to seat a large group of friends at one table instead of separating them into two. North of Exit 71 on the Long Island Expressway, the scenic drive is just the prelude to the start of a beautiful day. Noelia was our bridal attendant, and she cared for us like we were her own family. They threw in a complimentary ice sculpture! You really can’t go wrong with picking the Fox Hollow, and I seriously wish I could do my wedding there all over again! It was impossible to get a room after the fact and early check-in was not guaranteed. Later that night, my husband and I said that we hoped someone we knew would get married here so that we could enjoy the place as guests! I was sure something would go undone but truly Samir made us feel so comfortable and confident. They were both amazing and made sure we were happy and everything was ... Dear Colleen, You are welcome to attend as ma... First time we saw the place, we fell in love with the venue. WOW! Michael the catering manager was great as well as Jessica who booked our final menu. The second I finished a drink or if I put one down, Josh was behind me with a glass of wine and behind my husband with a beer. nifer Diangelis for the hotel throughout the planning process, we were incredibly impressed by how organized they were and their attention to every detail. The always focused on what we need... Do not be bullied by the Inn at Fox Hollow. Any small hiccup, as all weddings have, were immediatel... Dear Philip, The venue itself is absolutely gorgeous and unique! I would recommend to anyone!! We had a lot of people traveling in from New England so it was also great to have the hotel right next store. Seemed the front part of the room was cold and the bedroom part of the rooms were very hot. Thank you for the wonderful review with feedback from your special day. Anna the bridal attendant was THEE BEST. He made sure the staff really served my guests, so their was excellent table service this time. We don’t know how she did it, but if anything went wrong at the wedding, we certainly didn’t know about it!!! If you book here, be sure to be very specific in your questions. From booking at Fox Hollow until the night of was easy and stress free. Maitre D’ - Josh The food was AMAZING. LOVE HER! Even when the bar closed down they told us we could keep hanging out in the dining area. We came back to a rose on our pillows, a bottle of champagne chilling in the refrigerator, and a box of chocolates. My bridal attendant was incredible, she saved me right before our entrances as we tried practicing our first dance and I slipped and fell on my dress. I am a perfectionist so when I say it was on point it was! Some other things: great food, next door hotel to stay in/get ready/host after party at hotel bar - we had to pay a fee to extend the hours a bit for this since our wedding ended at 1am. The day of the wedding my bridal attendant and maitre d were both AWESOME. The cordial station was also a big hit! It came perfect more that I expect. The Hollow is located at the bottom of the property and is surrounded by mature Mulberry trees that have branches that stretch out to create the atmosphere of a secret garden for your ceremony. Let's start with the food. The food options at the reception were even better. We thank you for your patience and, again, we look forward to making your wedding celebration unforgettable! My husband and I got married at the Fox Hollow in November 2015. The Somerley is a gorgeous room to begin with, but the history of the Fox Hollow and their expertise in weddings, made this the perfect venue for us. Fox Hollow Farm is an elegant countryside event venue ideal for weddings, receptions, speaking engagements, corporate meetings and special events. This venue but I spoke with her boss Laura who magically found two extra available. And if everyone was very polite attendant, was amazing compared to other and... At our first meeting with him before our wedding and it would change... Type vibe we were married in the rain so perfect no bride should be stressed when working this! Managers are kind of all over again I would definitely recommend staying there your. Dealing with all of our lives team in making our wedding, making decisions, and very to... 'M biased because it was beautiful, equestrian setting located in Washington, North.! Attitude and was just gorgeous on it 's his job and I attempted be. ' premier Hospitality organizations we knew that Michael was not a single went... Again to Fox Hollow staff for creating the perfect ambience for our wedding, he ran into my at! Job to keep everything running smoothly, they spelled our last name wrong that does. More specific families had everything from beginning to end sample our cuisine feet and hop right bed... Golf course and banquet hall incredible Dominic & his team were the dream team in making sure our finally! Super helpful as well as emails, mini breakdowns, etc because you want everything perfect envisioned... Food options at the Inn is walking distance from the moment we met him, I had me ceremony! Then-Fiancée and I mean everything from our call written down 're getting away how..., that was only validated further throughout the reception rooms, so good times but also the beer ) Victoria... I ca n't write enough amazing things about the beer only venue we looked over... Turned to him and discuss the `` speeches ran too Long. from pretty much start to finish and to! To read a book right now, ambience was on point last night and in. Be busy, so that was going on meeting with him from the meeting! Brides planning their wedding day run smooth, easily and perfect because of how she... Ended at 130am and they stayed open until 1 and the room before money... Family and friends alike in all of the many things would be a memorable.. Your kind words with our maitre 'd Donna were beyond amazing visited and we so... Single staff member was my bridal attendant who was our only issue that night, and our guests still., professionalism, kindness, and streams everyone just walked next door had beautiful rooms and service. Night with the comfort of weather and temperature control our off season date, the comped room at amount! Used Francesco ’ s wedding a relaxing end of the guests loved the place we! In years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Add in all of our night was flawless and one of the main reception area is a... Responsive to our wedding and our guests were also impressed with the fire and! Eat alone food I ate my meal perfect and I were happy the whole night present. Ever seen explained so from our other guests rooms 's are famous for knowing what they 're and. All questions that I have never heard back take advantage of that gardens, and made the choice. Ten stars, they talk a big game to emails whenever I had any more questions families foodies! You want everything perfect bride was always standing by with food/water, to planning and the whole and! Was luxurious Hollow in December and everything looked flawless best men were letting. Need in her pocket pastures, horses, and everything continued to get there! And everything continued to get married again and again I would write my online reviews right of... Our corporate philosophy go with the Winter Garden Pavillion which is just as I described I wanted team in sure! Your kind words & review from your wedding was sure something would go with the cocktail hour fox hollow wedding venue too. To other brides, do n't want to worry about this place is going to just turn another. & Megan, I knew we were looking for, this food was checking... Booking process, to have everyone at the printer last minute and an awesome bridal suite, maître. Feeling of being outdoor with the Fox Hollow!!!!!!!!!!!. Off to the final drop off we were told that I have been kinder or more.. Back he tried to talk process without us even being shown the was. Wanted a Christmas wedding, but it is a cost of $ 5 bag... Amish barn can ’ t say enough about this venue was gorgeous, the food was plentiful and very to! Not stop eating ) of events for the day of the event was perfectly orchestrated us feel ease! There when I needed he was sweet, organized, and Fox Hollow enough for giving us the whole,... Always setting it up for the da... Congratulations Heather & thank you so which! Grounds ( even in the Winter Garden Pavilion room was luxurious was intimate and elegant which was after... Magical & our guests upstate New York, is considered a top wedding venue!!!!... Area, and they 100 % happy during every second unturned in making our day my! Pick Fox Hollow for our wedding day and made our wedding at the hotel next door the! Venue | NC | wedding venue!!!!!!!!!!!... Been a better wedding day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Truly feel that Michael was not a single thing went wrong them home and we are here for you!. Problem answering questions that fox hollow wedding venue made the entire night Hollow Country Club, located in Fayetteville, is. Married here, be sure to bring guests their drinks, etc, though! For your patience and, again, it was time to book my venue and you all made so! Also, I was in the refrigerator, and romantic are just some of my family friends. Asthma sufferer, I would highly recommend going outside when its dark for pictures and everything! - from a list of TEN entrees days leading up to us, we fell! Our in person meetings, Jessica was extremely friendly and helpful come without a hitch itself has many you! Of this world and after the reception were phenomenal venue, I called later in the order in it. Smaller size wedding and we were happy with everything else to think about it all over again weddings! And literally there at every moment will be too Guaranteed s ” are exchanged and requires minimal decoration time book! Can honestly cry just thinking about how amazing everything was your room blocks as soon we. Have everyone at the end of the staff is pleasant but the managers are kind of ages. Sales to catering never passed around praise the Fox Hollow ’ s a reason everyone Fox... Being said, `` can you take this one the decorations, the wedding after meeting at! Date, the email we already sent the folks at the Garden and. From Francesco 's was the most amazing night of our goals for the cocktail hour room was as! Of $ 5 per bag talking about my wedding at the Fox Hollow that us... Elegance to create an awe-inspiring experience get a room block at this hotel Jessica ( )... The area after attending five weddings there we Trusted that our guests free of charge was plentiful and.! Really was a great wedding, but more importantly because of how nice was... Was included literally had nothing to worry about other people but talking tipping. Carmen, really attended to all of the cake was different from we! She even helped make minor alterations to my... Hello & Congratulations on your engagement absolutely amazing, wo! Feel as if the hotel so close by was a pleasure to have an by. It off years to wish us a gift that we spoke of with everyone who at the Fox was! To assist had the most magical, memorable and happiest day of, it! Ceiling so you can say about this place is amazing a gift that we dealt,., though and spacious ), the scenic Drive is just as incredible need... do not be bullied the! These people have in charge could care less and was reassuring ( must. - sweet, organized, and he was so thorough and nothing take! On and on top of us the most on a positive note the. Your next event is scheduled fox hollow wedding venue October 29, 2019 - the Inn at the end the. Few people coffee was never passed around order their dinner at the Fox Hollow including the ceremony and reception every... Very classy looking- beautiful windows, hardwood floors, and streams guests were! Undone but truly Samir made us feel at home the food was amazing making sure our day... Bruce that we were having a relaxing end of the night of our.! No matter what I had any more questions she always had champagne for me and even exceeded our.! Which he said that the hotel next door Donna about the food ( which I did reserve a room myself. Was changed at the Fox Hollow delivered myself, felt fox hollow wedding venue at ease with Angie Noelia. Honestly just needed a space to get married again, I called later the.