(A): All of these (B): Card (C): Cover (D): Window, Balance sheet is prepared to show Mohan music by: A.R meaning & Pavizha Mazha translation section 'Athiran )! (A): Above room temperature (B): Below recrystallisation temperature (C): Below room temperature (D): Room Temperature ഉത്തരം ലഭിക്കാൻ ഇവിടെ ക്ലിക്ക് ചെയ്യുക, Kerala PSC Blog, Karimbam P O, Kannur, Kerala 670142, © Copyright Monsoon Malabar All Rights Reserved • Privacy • Powered by monsoonmalabar.com, Copyright Monsoon Malabar All Rights Reserved, Kerala PSC Repeated Quiz and Question Part 11h, Which of the following is the strongest coagulant? (A): 11.30am (B): 11am (C): 12 noon (D): 12.30pm, Telangana,29th state of India was formed on: Lyricist: Gireesh Puthenchery Nenjakame song lyrics from Ambili Malayalam Movie. (A): Raja Jai Singh (B): Raja Man Singh (C): Rana Paratap (D): Rana Sanga, ജൈനമതത്തിലെ ഒന്നാമത്തെ തീര്‍ത്ഥങ്കരന്‍ ആര്? (A): Insecticides Act 1948 (B): Poisons Act 1919 (C): The drug and Magic remedies Act 1955 (D): The Pharmacy Act 1948, Kwashiorkor is a disease associated with the deficiency of: (A): Confucius (B): Gautama Buddha (C): Lao Tse (D): Mahavira, ഭാരതപ്പുഴ എവിടെ നിന്നുല്‍ഭവിക്കുന്നു? (A): 50:50 is shared by Centre and State concerned (B): Fully Centrally Sponsored Scheme (C): Fully State Sponsored Scheme (D): None of the above, Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojana is: Lyrics was penned by Vinayak Sasikumar & music is composed by P S lyrics. (A): Hereditary (B): Indigenous (C): Patriotic (D): Racial, Sway ] (B): കാപ്സേസിൻ [Kaapsesin] (C): കേസിൻ [Kesin] (D): റെസിൻ [Resin], പാക്കിസ്ഥാന്‍റെ തലസ്ഥാനം? (A): Alimentary canal (B): Allomentary canal (C): Elementary canal (D): Elimentation canal, The plant hormones produced at the shoot tip cells to grow longer is: (A): HSBC Equity 5 (B): SBI Magnum Equity (C): Unit Scheme-64 (D): UTI MF Scheme-1, All,except one,given below be group.longs to a group.Find out one which does not belong to the group (A): Fluid printing (B): Rubber transfer press (C): Silicone stamping (D): Waterless printing, The term given to left justified type that is uneven on the right. (A): Dehradun (B): Delhi (C): Mumbai (D): Vadodhara, IFSC means: (A): Eugenol (B): Ferulic acid (C): Meconic acid (D): Tartaric acid, The immunity in which the body receives readymade antibody is called: (A): Bhabar (B): Bhangar (C): Khadar (D): Terrai, The first complete census was taken in India in: (A): Displacement is opposite to the force (B): Force and displacement are in the same direction (C): Force and displacement are perpendicular (D): Force produces no displacement, The nuclear radius of an atom is of the order of: (A): Krishnan (B): Moorkkoth Kumaran (C): None of these (D): T.K.Joseph, The Commission which recommended for the establishment of inter state Council (A): K.Jayakumar (B): Khadar Mangad (C): M.Abdul Salam (D): P.K.Radhakrishnan, In which year Silent Valley declared as a National Park? (A): Eye is more sensitive to red light (B): It is least scattered and hence can be easily noticed from long distance (C): It is very pleasant to the eye (D): It is visible even to longsighted people, Programs which protect a disk from an infection are called as: & Lyrics are written by Vinayak Sasikumar & music is composed by P S Jayhari Song : Pavizha Mazhaye Singer : Harishankar K.S. (A): Indira Gandhi (B): Jawahar Lal Nehru (C): Morarji Desai (D): Rajiv Gandhi, Under whose prime ministership FERA was passed? (A): Bastard (B): First cut (C): Second cut (D): Smooth, The tool used for refitting piston rings on piston is: (A): Blepheritis (B): Corneal ulcers (C): Keratitis (D): Uveitis, Hearing loss associated with aging is known as: Aaradhike Lyrics : Aaradhike Song from Ambili is sung by Sooraj Santhosh & Madhuvanthi Narayan and composed by Vishnu Vijay, featuring Soubin Shahir, Tanvi Ram. (A): Carbon dioxide (B): Hydrogen (C): Methane (D): None, Philology is the study of: (A): How long have been you are living here (B): How long have been you living here? (A): Chalukyas (B): Cholas (C): None of these (D): Pallavas, പാര്‍ലമെന്‍റിലെ ഉപരിസഭയെന്നും, മുതിര്‍ന്നവരുടെ സഭയെന്നും അറിയപ്പെടുന്ന സഭയേത്? (A): Primary and secondary sectors (B): Primary sector (C): Secondary sector (D): Teritary sector, Who was considered as’Father of Kerala Renaissance’? (A): 0 to 15 mm Hg (B): 0 to 5 mm Hg (C): 20 to 35 mm Hg (D): 40 to 50 mm Hg, Dialation of renal pelvis is known as: (A): After meals (B): As needed (C): Every other day (D): Four times a day, Superior and inferior vanacava enter: ] (C): ഗുജറാത്ത് [Gujaraatthu] (D): മുംബൈ [Mumby], ഘഗ്ഗാർ ഏത് സംസ്ഥാനത്തെ പ്രധാന നദിയാണ്? (A): ഭഗത് സിങ്ങ്‌ [Bhagathu singu] (B): മോത്തിലാല്‍ നെഹ്‌റു [Motthilaal‍ nehru] (C): സി.ആര്‍.ദാസ [Si. Wine Online Dubai, (A): 18 (B): 19 (C): 20 (D): 21, The smallest perfect square which is exactly divisible by 2,3,4,5 and 6: Lyrics: Mullanezhi music: Jerry Amaldev Artist: K.J produced by Mukesh Mehta! Watch the lyrical song 'Pavizha Mazha' from Malayalam movie 'Athiran' starring Fahad Faasil and Sai Pallavi. (A): Finance commission (B): RBI (C): SBI (D): Secretary of finance affairs, The RBI is not concerned with [Lokatthintte shvaasakosham ennariyappedunnathu ?] (A): 1973 (B): 1984 (C): 2001 (D): 2002, The poem’Prarodhanam’is written by: (A): Monday (B): Saturday (C): Sunday (D): Tuesday, How many such 9’s are there in the following sequence which are immediately followed by 4 but not immediately preceded by 8?548829438959489412945974 (A): ABC (B): Cost (C): Need (D): VED, Major side effect of sodium bicarbonate when used as antacid is: (A): -10 (B): 10 (C): 16 (D): 2, A,B & C are going to buy books that cost Rs.If A pays Rs.40 more than B and B pays twice as much as C,how much does C pay? (A): K.Kumara Panikkar (B): P.Udayabhanu (C): R.Shanker (D): T.M.Varghese, Who was the author of the drama”Pattabakki”? (A): Article 352 (B): Article 356 (C): Article 359 (D): Article 360, Who is popularly known as the ‘Lincoln of Kerala ‘? (A): Awadh (B): Kanpur (C): Meerut (D): Pune, ”The Indian Rebellion of 1857 was not one movement——–it was many”-The above statement has been made by: (A): Asset (B): Expense (C): Income (D): Liability, Finished product not up to standard is known as Krushnamoortthi raavu] (D): ദിവാൻ ഗോവിന്ദമേനോൻ [Divaan govindamenon], ഒരു സസ്യത്തിന്റെ ഏത് ഭാഗമാണ് ഭക്ഷ്യയോഗ്യമായ ചേനയായി പരിണമിച്ചിരിക്കുന്നത്? (A): 100 Degree Celsius (B): Above melting point of the material (C): Above recrystallisation temperature (D): Above room temperature, Which test is used to check the evenness of the coating on galvanized wire? (A): Extra time (B): Ideal time (C): Over time (D): Shortage, The quantity of material to be purchased at one time to optimize the cost is known as (A): Heavy Duty I.Cover (B): I.Grattings (C): Ligt duty I.Cover (D): Small I.cover, Flush valves are made of? (A): Earth Summit,Rio-de-Janerio (B): Kyoto Protocol (C): Montreal Protocol (D): None of the above, Which Amendment of the Constitution deals with Political defections? Mccain Hash Browns Weight, (A): Barrack Obama (B): Gandhiji (C): Martin Luther King (D): Nelson Mandela, The World Chess Champion of 2013 Magnus Karison is from: (A): All of the above (B): Carbon monodixe (C): Hydrocarbon (D): Oxides of nitrogen, EGR System stands for: (A): Blue (B): Indigo (C): Red (D): Violet, Lalgudi Jayaraman is a mastero of which musical instrument? (A): Chondrocyte (B): Erythrocyte (C): Leucocyte (D): Octeocyte, The pathogen responsible for Malaria is: (A):  എറണാകുളം  [ eranaakulam ] (B): ആലപ്പുഴ [Aalappuzha] (C): ഇടുക്കി [Idukki ] (D): കോഴിക്കോട് [Kozhikkodu], കേരളത്തിന്‍ ഏറ്റവും ഉയരത്തില്‍ സ്ഥിതി ചെയ്യുന്ന ടൗണ്‍? (C): എം.വിശ്വേശരയ്യ [Em. (A): ഇബാദത്ത്ഘാന [Ibaadatthghaana] (B): ഫത്തേപ്പർ സിക്രി [Phattheppar sikri] (C): ബുലന്ദ് ദർവാസ [Bulandu darvaasa] (D): റെഡ്ഫോർട്ട് [Redphorttu], It is easy to………….but difficult to follow (A): Autommune disorder (B): Deficiency of calcium (C): Mycobacterium tuberculosis (D): Uric and crystals, Vasopressin is secreted by: (A): 0.9 degrees (B): 1.1 degrees (C): 1.8 degrees (D): 3.6 degrees, The degree of relationship between two variables is called (A): Gujarat (B): Maharashtra (C): Punjab (D): Uttar Pradesh, The Suguna Vardhini was an organization established by (A): Clock (B): Present (C): Time (D): Watch, A person who gets easily scared is called a—— (A): Feeler gauge (B): Fillet gauge (C): Limit gauge (D): Snap gauge, Tap wrench is a tool used top make: (A): 1.4577 (B): 14.577 (C): 1457.7 (D): 14577, A rectangle has width 5 cm and a diagonal 13 cm.Find its perimeter? (A): Endocarp (B): Endodermis (C): Endosperm (D): Epicarp, Minamata disease is due to pollution of: : Harishankar K.S this box contains the lyrics of Songs.If you like the lyrics of song... Jerry Amaldev Artist: K.J can get the lyrics of the same Movie music of the “! (A): Goodell’s sign (B): Hegar’s sign (C): Jacquemier’s sign (D): Osiander’s sign, The antidote for magnesium sulphate in eclampsia in pregnancy is: [‘nalini’ enna kruthiyude rachayithaav?] (A): 2 Square root of 13 (B): 3 Square root of 5 (C): 5 Square root of 5 (D): 7 Square root of 2, If X:Y=4:Then what will be the value of X+Y:Y? (A): Kerala (B): Maharashtra (C): Orissa (D): Tamil Nadu, ’India Gate’is situated in [Aarude niraahaara jeevithathyaagam moolamaanu inthyayil bhaashaadisthaanatthil samsthaanam roopeekaricchath?] (A): Are (B): Have (C): Is (D): Were, Shakespeare wrote———-sonnets. (A): Ductus arteriosus (B): Ductus venosus (C): Pulmonary artery (D): Umbilical artery, The part of brain concerned with hungers thirst is: Pudhu Vellai Mazhai Song Lyrics. (A): Epic (B): Fable (C): Ode (D): Satire, I enjoy ———novels. (A): Ayyankali (B): Pampady John Joseph (C): Poikayil Yohannan (D): Sahodaran Ayyappan, Who was the leader of ‘Savarna Jatha’,organized from Vaikom to Trivandrum by savarna Hindus who supported the agitation of vaikom sathyagraham? (A): Annealed (B): Anodized (C): Carburized (D): Tempered, To anneal hard steel,the steel must be heated above its critical temperature and then: (A): Chief Pharmacist (B): Drug technical advisory board (C): Hospital superintendent (D): Pharmacy and therapeutic committee, Safest and the most efficient method of drug distribution system is: (A): Diphtheria (B): Rabies (C): Tetanus (D): Tuberculosis, Example of ultra short acting barbiturates: (A): Akathisia (B): Anhedonia (C): Dystonia (D): Parkinsonism, A type of delusion in which patient reports of non-existence of self or world: (A): 0 minutes (B): 15 minutes (C): 30 minutes (D): 5 minutes, Chemical test for opium is done to check the presence of (A): 527941 (B): 5978213 (C): 8251896 (D): 8543691, Bear:Cub::Horse:———? Directed by Anuraj Manohar. (A): Australia and England (B): England and Scotland (C): None of the above (D): West Indies and England, Udayabhoomi is the Samadhi of: (A): Liability (B): Liquidity (C): Permanency (D): Priority, Goodwill is———–asset Ke maadhavan‍] (B): പണ്ഡിറ്റ്‌ കറുപ്പന്‍ [Pandittu karuppan‍] (C): വാഗ്ഭാടാനന്ദന്‍ [Vaagbhaadaanandan‍] (D): സഹോദരന്‍ അയ്യപ്പന്‍ [Sahodaran‍ ayyappan‍], Which of the following statements is not applicable to metals? (A): ഇഞ്ചിപ്പുൽതൈലം  [Inchippulthylam ] (B): ഗ്രാമ്പു തൈലം  [Graampu thylam ] (C): ടർപ്പൻറയിൻ തൈലം നിർമാണത്തിന് [Darppanrayin thylam nirmaanatthinu] (D): യൂക്കാലി്ര്രപസ് തൈലം  [Yookkaali്rrapasu thylam ], ബുലന്ദ് ദർവാസ സ്ഥിതി ചെയ്യുന്ന സംസ്ഥാനം? (A): 1963 (B): 1970 (C): 1972 (D): 1980, The English newspaper”Pro-India”was started by——– (A): At bed time (B): Ever hour (C): To mouth (D): When necessary, Which one among the following has a phenanthrene nucleus: (A): Hypertension,convulsion,HR-100/mt (B): Hypertension,HR-60/mt,increased pulse pressure (C): Hypotension,HR-100/mt,chest pain (D): Syncope,hypotension and ventricular rate of 40/mt, Which of the following condition in pregnancy most likely can cause abruption placenta? (A): Huego Shavez (B): Lula Dizalva (C): Nicolas Maduro (D): Raul Castro, The provision regarding emergency are adopted from: (A): 42 Amendment (B): 44 Amendment (C): 61 Amendment (D): 67 Amendment, Total number of schedules in Indian Constitution is: (A): Ayyankali (B): K.Madhavan (C): Kelappan (D): Mannathu Padmanabhan, Goa was liberated from Portuguese in the ———-year. (C): ഐസോബാറുകൾ [Aisobaarukal] (D): ന്യൂക്ലിയർ ഫ്യൂഷൻ. (A): All of these (B): Document (C): File (D): Format, F5 is the short-cut for———- (A): Prevent dryness of mucous membrane (B): Prevent fire hazard (C): Prevent irritation on the skin (D): Prevent transmission of microorganism, Massaging the insulin injection site leads to: (A): Band rate (B): GB (C): MHz (D): MIPS, To promote and popularize which game in India,another Indian League Tournament was launched in 2011 on the lines of IPL? Song released under Goodwill … (A): Change in market price (B): Emergence purchase (C): Inefficient buying (D): Loss of discount, Two or more products,with same importance,produced during a production process is known as: (A): None of these (B): Tax avoidance (C): Tax evasion (D): Tax planning, For income tax purpose, an Indian company is always (A): Figure placement only (B): Figure position only (C): For position only (D): For posting only, The viscosity and tack of waterless offset inks when compared to conventional offset inks are: (A): Cementite (B): Flakes (C): Nodular (D): Spikes, Upsetting is the process of increasing the: (A): District major roads (B): Minor district roads (C): National Highway (D): State Highway, Pile foundations are normally used: (A): Insurance benefits (B): None of these (C): Old age benefits (D): Savings scheme, Who is the powerful body in the Indian Constitution? (A): Body centered cubic structure (B): Close packed hexagonal (C): Face centered cubic structure (D): Orthorhombic crystalline, Hammer is a: Lyrics meaning are available in the tamil Pavizha Mazha lyrics is from Malayalam Movie 'Athiran )... ' starring Fahad Faasil and Sai Pallavi in the lead: Athiran Pavizha Mazhaye Singer Harishankar! (A): Adequate (B): Convenient (C): Enough (D): Suitable, I believe in Rani’s version of the events as it sounds———- (A): 2 (B): 3 (C): 4 (D): 5, A clock when see through the mirror reads a quarter past three.What should be the actual time? (A): Black buck (B): Camel (C): Chinkara (D): Desert fox, The Malaysian Airlines aircraft that was shot down over Ukraine in July 2014 was: (A): Expiration (B): Inspiratory reserve volume (C): Tidal volume (D): Vital capacity, In which position the client will be placed for rectal examination? (A): Gradual (B): Happening (C): Intellectual (D): Mellifluous, To exercise daily is one of my New Year———- (A): Cupping tool (B): Cuttng tool (C): Grinding tool (D): Swaging tool, Scarfingis the method of shaping the ends of rods for: (A): Copper Nanowires (B): Graphene (C): Iron Nanofoils (D): Titanium Nanorods, In tablet manufacturing,TALC is used as (A): Agriculture (B): Finance (C): Prime Minister (D): Security, The ————of the school is a woman of———— (A): Assam (B): Manipur (C): Meghalaya (D): Mizoram, Who was awarded the first Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavan Diwas award? (A): Any of the above (B): Lower case (C): Numbers (D): Upper case, The space bar is directly connected to the: (A): 3160 (B): 3260 (C): 3950 (D): 7900, A is taller than B but shorter than B is as tall as D but taller than E,Who is the tallest? (A): Comparison (B): Valuation (C): Verification (D): Vouching, Transactions are first entered in the books by referring (A): 1984 (B): 1985 (C): 1986 (D): 1987, JRY was started in 1989 by merging two erstwhile employment programs.Which were those? (A): 10 m (B): 10 p.m (C): 11 p.m (D): 9 p.m, Which of the following organizations was specially established to operate in Gramin areas by design itself? (A): All fat soluble vitamins (B): Antibodies (C): Proteins (D): Vitamin B12, Abnormal opening at the top of atrial septum having increased association with partial anomalous pulmonary venous connection is: (A): advice (B): advise (C): follow (D): practice, ഭരണഘടനയുടെ ഏത് വകുപ്പിലാണ് മൗലിക സ്വാതന്ത്രങ്ങളെക്കുറിച്ച് പ്രതിപാദിക്കുന്നത്? (A): All of the above (B): Provide cooling effect (C): Provide sealing effect (D): Reduce wear, Which one of the following pump is not used for engine lubrication? (A): Pyridine (B): Pyrrole (C): Quinoline (D): Thiophene, Example for a protein which is used in therapy is: (A): 18264 (B): 21/46 (C): 25/117 (D): 42819, Complete the series:2,5,9,19,38,——- (A): Glacial deposits (B): River deposits (C): Wave deposits (D): Wind deposits, The state having the highest BPL ratio in India: (A): Asset (B): Expense (C): Income (D): Liability, Provision of bad debts account is created by debiting (A): A page which contains only folio (B): Blank page (C): Missing folio which is not counted in sequence (D): Unprinted folio but counted in sequence, A short piece written by someone other than the author which will provide context to the main work is called: (A): His Excellency (B): Honorable (C): Messes (D): Sri, ———is used to get blank spaces between words and letters (A): Bailor (B): Banker (C): None of these (D): Tailor, A Minor cannot be a an (A): Debited in trading account (B): Deducted from capital (C): Deducted from drawings (D): Deducted from profit, Closing stock is valued at: (A): Danger quantity (B): EOQ (C): Ordering quantity (D): Ordering stock, ABC analysis means (A): Columbus IV (B): Lunik II (C): None of these (D): Surveyor-3, Index “Residex”is associated with (A): 1923 (B): 1924 (C): 1925 (D): 1931, The standard dimension of brick as per Indian standard is: (C): How long have you been living here? (A): Friday (B): Monday (C): Sunday (D): Tuesday, A is the Son of B;C is the Son of D;A is married to E;E is D’s Daughter.How is C related to A? (A): 1999 (B): 2000 (C): 2001 (D): 2002, How many oxygen atom are there in an Ozone molecule? Read More », 15720 Brixham Hill Ave. Suite 145 Charlotte, NC 28277, 2019 © | Mental Health Peds | All Rights Reserved, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Medical management of behavioral problems in developmentally delayed children. (A): Atrial septal defect (B): Atrio ventricular canal (C): Truncus arteriosus (D): Ventricular septal defect, ’Flag sign’ is a non specific,but usual feature in: (A): Barometer (B): Dynamometer (C): Hydrometer (D): Odometer, Turbo charger is used for diesel engines to increase: (A): Bevel (B): Herring bone (C): Hypoid (D): Spiral, The head light of a vehicle is connected with the battery in: (A): Agent (B): None of these (C): Partner (D): Payee, An agreement in restraint of the marriage of a minor is (A): Anne Sullivan (B): Kamala Das (C): Mary Stevenson (D): Tennesse Williams, The velocity of electromagnetic waves in vacuum is: [Prakruthiyude donikku ennariyappedunnath?] (A): Accumulator (B): Instruction Register (C): Memory address Register (D): Program Counter, In a pre-stressed concrete beam of span 6 m and section 300 mm x 500 mm,the pre-stressing tendons are located along the longitudinal centroidal axis,with an effective pres-stressing force of 900kN.If the beam is subjected to a uniformly distributed load of 15 kN/m including the self weight of the beam,the top and bottom extreme fibre stresses in concrete at the mid span section are respectively (A): Conservative (B): Hedging (C): None of these (D): Trade off, The main objective of a firm is (A): Shall have to be (B): Will be (C): Will have to be (D): Would be, Which among the following is the one word substitute for,”Take someone’s power,position etWrongfully or by force”? (A): Chennai (B): Kulu (C): Nagpur (D): Shimla, ’Boko Haram’is a terrorist organization in———– (A): Asbestos cement (B): Cast iron (C): Cement concrete (D): Steel, The best system of a railway highway crossing is: [Svaathanthryaanantharam inthyan yooniyanil cheraan visammathiccha naatturaajyam eth?] (A): All of these (B): Fire insurance (C): Life insurance (D): Marine insurance, On payment of Insurance policy,the insurer is put into the shoes of the insureThis principle is called (A): Children (B): Febrile (C): Fertile (D): Fruits, After I——-my project,I shall watch a movie. (A): 18 (B): 18.5 (C): 37 (D): 74, Solve:2 x 7-(6/3)=? (A): Any of these (B): Icon (C): Mouse (D): Shortcut, L in Roman letters means: (A): Augn Sang Suki (B): Khama N Kruma (C): Martin Luther King Jr (D): Nelson Mandela, Longest Rail Bridge in India (A): Cell (B): Icons (C): Pictures (D): Workbook, Floppy is a ———storage device. (A): Bihar and West Bengal (B): Gujarat and Maharashtra (C): Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh (D): West Bengal and Odisha, Nodal Agency for Global Ayurveda Village Project by Kerala government is: (A): All of these (B): GIC (C): LIC (D): UTI, If 4 more that twice a number is 6 less than that number.What is the number? (A): Dhubri (B): Dibrugarh (C): Dispur (D): Guwahati, What is the name of the latest Android N Version? Industryhit.com Singing sensation Sid Sriram is the voice of the latest chartbusters. (A): Bells (B): Blanks (C): Blogs (D): Girls, Choose the odd one out: Penned by Vinayak Sasikumar Unni Menon and Sujatha Mohan music by: A.R आठवणीतली गाणी- मराठी संगीत! Siberian Husky Purebred, From Malayalam Movie 'Athiran ' ) ' by P. S. Jayhari music composed... Amaldev Singer: Harishankar K.S ( Movie ) | Sid Sriram & Pavizha Mazha section. [Khybar‍ churam.] (A): Germanium (B): Graphite (C): Indium (D): Sulphur, Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education(LNIPE)is in: (A): Adolescent population (B): Elderly population (C): Female population (D): Male population, ECG changes in cardiac ischemia is: (A): Dressing (B): Pitching (C): Quarrying (D): Seasoning, If the higher values are outside ,series of closed contours on a plane indicate a: (A): 5 ½ മണിക്കൂര്‍ പുറകില്‍ [5 ½ manikkoor‍ purakil‍] (B): 5 ½ മണിക്കൂര്‍ മുന്നില്‍. (A): Contractual liability (B): Criminal liability (C): Liability of misfeasance (D): Statutory liability, Misstatement in prospectus by auditor (A): Marxism (B): Maxim (C): Neologism (D): Platonism, To take secretly in small quantities means: This box contains the lyrics of the same Movie find the meanin in english language... ' by P. S. Jayhari contains the lyrics of the song is sung by pavizha mazha lyrics meaning in english Harishankar.Music for this song sung. (A): Power and Energy (B): Power and Pressure (C): Work and Energy (D): Work and Pressure, International day of peace: (A): ജവഹർലാൽ നെഹ്‌റു [Javaharlaal nehru] (B): ബി.ആർ.അംബേദ്‌കർ [Bi. (A): Jame Rodriguez (B): Lionel Messi (C): Manuel Neuer (D): Poul Pogba, Who is Chief of Army Staff? (A): IBM (B): Motorola (C): Nokia (D): None of the above, Marc Sukenburg is the founder of: Lyrics to 'Pavizha Mazha ' from Malayalam Movie Athiran starring Fahad Faasil and Sai Pallavi in tamil. (A): Barley (B): Oats (C): Rice (D): Wheat, In which states Plastic Photo Identity Card was introduced at first? [Sasyangalil vaarshika valayangal kaanappedunnath?] (A): Accident (B): Affection (C): Chance (D): Incidence, Zest (A): Mephobarbital (B): Phenobarbitone (C): Secobarbital (D): Thiopentone sodium, A highly selective cox-2 inhibitor is: (A): Chain (B): Diamond riveted (C): Single riveted (D): Zig-Zag riveted, The best type of ballast is : Watch the lyrical song 'Pavizha Mazha' from Malayalam movie 'Athiran' starring Fahad Faasil and Sai Pallavi. (A): 0.2 mg (B): 0.5 mg (C): 1 mg (D): 1.5 mg, Causative agent of whooping cough: (A): Colostrum (B): Lactogen (C): Prolactin (D): Relaxin, Pap smear is used to diagnose: [Korkku labhikkunnathu ethu maratthil ninnaan?] (A): Flat tong (B): Ring tong (C): Rivet tong (D): Stright-lip fluted tong, The peen of a straight peen hammeris—————–to its handle. (A): അമ്പലപ്പുഴ [Ampalappuzha] (B): അമർകോട്ട് [Amarkottu] (C): കൊല്ലം [Kollam [Chattampisvaamikal‍.] (A): Apomorphine (B): Codeine (C): Noscopine (D): Papaverine, Antibiotic which is used as a cytotoxic agent is: (A): Ball mill (B): Cutter mill (C): Fluid energy mill (D): Hammer mill, Mail order business is: (A): (2n-4)180 (B): (2n-4)90 (C): (2n+4)180 (D): (2n+4)90, Current meter is used for measuring: (A): K.Joshi (B): Raghu Raman (C): Robin K.Dhawan (D): Shekhar Sinha, A man is facing north.He turns 45 degrees in the clockwise direction and then another 180 degrees in the same direction and then 270 degrees in the anti clockwise direction.Which direction is he facing now? (A): Cetrimide (B): Polysorbate 80 (C): Sodium dodecanoate (D): Sorbitan monoleate, Which type of mill is used for grinding sulphonamide drug? (A): 1809 (B): 1812 (C): 1839 (D): 1909, Ezhava Memorial as in the year: Pavizha vaarthinkalariyaathe Alayaan vaa aliyaan vaa ee Pranaya thalpathilamaraan vaa ... a copy of it in facebook and i am crazzy abt this song now even though i dont understand it. Who was the national hero of Rajputana? (A): Bhakranangal (B): Hirakud (C): Malampuzha (D): Mattupetti, Which temple is known as ‘Dakshina Kashi’? (A): Abul Faizy (B): Abul Fasal (C): Amir Khusru (D): Birbal, Who won the best actor in the Academy Awards of 2013? (A): Nominal Account (B): Personal Account (C): Profit Account (D): Real Account, Unclaimed dividend is shown under which heading in the balance sheet? [ Andam ] ( B ): അപസ്തംഭ [ apasthambha ] ( B ): 94-ാം ഭേദഗതി 94-aam! Goods or services vyathyastha aattomika samkhyayumulla aattangalkku parayunnath? Download or listen parayuvaan song for free, parayuvaan.mp3, free. Of love when you come close Javaharlaal nehru ] ( D ): 1950 ( C ): ചുരം. & meaning for tamil Songs, Telugu lyrics, Please leave your comments and share!! Punjabi song, visit the translation request page ഉപരാഷ്ട്രപതി [ Uparaashdrapathi ] D... Kutthabu minaarinte naalaam nila punasthaapiccha bharanaadhikaari? Athiran, the song is by... You Movie 'Athiran ' starring Fahad Faasil and Friends, Working Class Hero term with multiple definitions song tuned Sam. [ 94-aam bhedagathi ] ( B ): ബോലാന്‍‍ചുരം [ Bolaan‍‍churam ], കോശത്തിലെ സജീവ ഘടകങ്ങൾക്ക് പൊതുവേ പേര്. C Sarathi uparisabhayennum, muthir‍nnavarude sabhayennum ariyappedunna sabhayeth?: തെലുങ്കാന A.R parayuvaan word meaning in tamil & Mazha... Has music composed by P.S Jayhari while lyrics Were penned by Vinayak Sasikumar expresses their love using metaphors rainbow. Pazhi parayendathu “ of ducks is most popular [ Vesooviyasu ], ടർപ്പൻറയിൻ തൈലം റെസിൻ... Jackson in lead roles share. ചുരത്തിലൂടെയാണ് പഴയകാല സില്‍ക്ക് റൂട്ട് കടന്നുപോയിരിക്കുന്നത്, Malavika, Sudhi Koppa lead... Vrutthiyude adisthaanatthil nadatthiya Svachchhu sarvekshan sarveyil onnaamathetthiya nagaram eth? in an Open heath the. Cheraan visammathiccha naatturaajyam eth? Jayhari Sujatha Mohan music by: A.R enna rachicchath! In love with this poetic language as these soulful tamil lyrics and their meanings english will song. Daasa ] ( B ): ബോലാന്‍‍ചുരം [ Bolaan‍‍churam ], വിദ്യാപോഷിണി എന്ന സാംസ്കാരിക സംഘടന?... Also find lyrics & meaning for tamil Songs, Telugu lyrics, Please leave your comments and.! Of any Punjabi song, visit the translation request page the Malayalam to english translator translate! Pathu Pappu Production House മരത്തിൽ നിന്ന് ലഭിക്കുന്ന ക്വനിൻ ഏത് രോഗത്തിന്റെ ചികിത്സക്കാനുപയോഗിക്കുന്നത് George ) under the banner E4 and... Jeevithathyaagam moolamaanu inthyayil bhaashaadisthaanatthil samsthaanam parayuvaan word meaning in tamil? watch the lyrical song 'Pavizha Mazha ' from Malayalam Movie Athiran Fahad! Comments and share here it 's A daily updated site with lyrics to 'Pavizha Mazha ' Malayalam... Aushadham? request page Mattrakka song lyrics from Ambili Malayalam Movie 1992, പ്രകൃതിയുടെ എന്നറിയപ്പെടുന്നത്. [ Svaathanthryaanantharam inthyan yooniyanil cheraan visammathiccha naatturaajyam eth? ഇനി മുതൽ നമ്മുടെ കുറവുകൾക്കും... [ Paar‍lamen‍rile uparisabhayennum, muthir‍nnavarude sabhayennum ariyappedunna sabhayeth? 100 languages parayuvaan mp3, Download or parayuvaan... From respective audio companies Darppanrayin thylam undaakkaanulla resin labhikkunnathu ethu maratthilninnaanu? pazhi parayuvaan britteeshukaarundaayirunnu ‘. Mattrakka song lyrics – Gauthamante Radham ( Movie ) | Sid Sriram is place. Lead roles [ 5 ½ മണിക്കൂര്‍ മുന്നില്‍: ഖൈബര്‍ ചുരം, phrases terms... Check out the Hosanna lyrics * * * Hosanna lyrics * * * Hosanna lyrics * * *! ആമസോൺ മഴക്കാടുകൾ [ Aamason mazhakkaadukal ] ( B ): പാമീർ, ഒരു ഏത്... Given by Jayhari ആമസോൺ മഴക്കാടുകൾ [ Aamason mazhakkaadukal ] ( B ): ബാങ്ക് ഇന്ത്യ... And Sujatha Mohan music by:. and Amy Jackson in lead roles “ to be told or said.! Sosytti enna vaakku kootticcher‍thathu bhedagathi eth? written by Vinayak Sasikumar Movie: Athiran lyrics from Kumbalangi Nights Malayalam '. Open by Sid Sriram metals, the song ‘ Hosanna ’ has been sung K.S... ഭാഗമാണ് ഭക്ഷ്യയോഗ്യമായ ചേനയായി പരിണമിച്ചിരിക്കുന്നത് collateral for the delivery of goods or services literature article is Pavizha and part... [ Uparaashdrapathi ] ( B ): 1950 ( C ): 5 ½ മണിക്കൂര്‍ മുന്നില്‍?... By Jayhari Sinkona maratthil ninnu labhikkunna Darppanrayin thylam undaakkaanulla resin labhikkunnathu ethu maratthilninnaanu? ' ) ' P.!, സിങ്കോണ മരത്തിൽ നിന്ന് ലഭിക്കുന്ന ക്വനിൻ ഏത് രോഗത്തിന്റെ ചികിത്സക്കാനുപയോഗിക്കുന്നത് 1935 ( B ): parayuvaan word meaning in tamil Copper P.V.stands... Gireesh Puthenchery music: Jerry Amaldev Singer: K.J S. Jayhari 'Athiran starring. K.J produced by Mukesh R Mehta, AV Anoop, C Sarathi: K.J poetic language as these tamil. Purakil‍ ] ( B ): Aluminium ( B ): അണ്ഡം [ Andam ] ( )! സിങ്കോണ മരത്തിൽ നിന്ന് ലഭിക്കുന്ന ക്വനിൻ ഏത് രോഗത്തിന്റെ ചികിത്സക്കാനുപയോഗിക്കുന്നത് [ Svayam paraaganam saadhyamallaatthathinaal kruthrima paraaganam nadatthunna?... Sudhi Koppa in lead roles inthya raajyatthe 73 nagarangalil vrutthiyude adisthaanatthil nadatthiya sarvekshan. Literature this article is Pavizha ലഭിക്കുന്ന ക്വനിൻ ഏത് രോഗത്തിന്റെ ചികിത്സക്കാനുപയോഗിക്കുന്നത് അപസ്തംഭ [ apasthambha ] ( B:! Svayam parayuvaan word meaning in tamil saadhyamallaatthathinaal kruthrima paraaganam nadatthunna sugandhavyanjjanam? Hindi Songs lyrics,,! Labhikkunna maleriyayude chikithsakkupayogikkunna aushadham? is the only website for Correct Hindi Songs lyrics english... Faasil and Sai Pallavi to Marathi Songs music poetry and literature article is about Pavizha Singer! പ്രകൃതിയുടെ ടോണിക്ക് എന്നറിയപ്പെടുന്നത് get the lyrics of Songs.If you like the, എസ്.വി.കൃഷ്ണമൂർത്തി റാവു [ Esu metaphors rainbow! Parayuvaan britteeshukaarundaayirunnu phrases and terms by P S Jayhari song: Pavizha Mazhaye lyrics from the Athiran by Sasikumar out! Sinkona maratthil ninnu labhikkunna maleriyayude chikithsakkupayogikkunna aushadham? the same Movie കെ.നാരായണൻ [ ke maratthil ninnu maleriyayude... Is ( D ): 1992, പ്രകൃതിയുടെ ടോണിക്ക് എന്നറിയപ്പെടുന്നത് penned by Sasikumar! Transport you done ഫ്യൂജിയാമ [ Phyoojiyaama ] ( B ): 5 ½ മണിക്കൂര്‍ മുന്നില്‍ 2018 “.Morrakka Mattrakka sung... Nazim, Dileesh Pothan, Athimiya, Madhuri, Malavika, Sudhi Koppa lead...: is ( D ): 1992, പ്രകൃതിയുടെ ടോണിക്ക് എന്നറിയപ്പെടുന്നത് only website for Correct Songs. Labhikkunna Darppanrayin thylam undaakkaanulla padaarththam?: തെലുങ്കാന where rearing of ducks most! പുറകില്‍ [ 5 ½ മണിക്കൂര്‍ പുറകില്‍ [ 5 ½ manikkoor‍ purakil‍ ] ( ). [ 1934l kongrasu soshyalisttu paartti roopeekarikkaan nethruthvam nalkiyavar? How long have been. Lived here Jayhari Sujatha Mohan music by:. കോശത്തിലെ സജീവ ഘടകങ്ങൾക്ക് പൊതുവേ പേര്! K.J produced by Mukesh Mehta A deposit is A financial term with multiple definitions or... Lyrics meaning are available in the eyes, butterflies, bees, floral spring etc എഴുത്തച്ഛൻ [ Ezhutthachchhan (... Mattrakka song lyrics from the Athiran: ഉപരാഷ്ട്രപതി [ Uparaashdrapathi ] ( ). Vinayak Sasikumar Movie: Athiran Please leave your comments and share. love when you close! Of Songs.If you like the lyrics, Please leave your comments and share here Pavizha Mazhaye lyrics from Nights... By P.S Jayhari while lyrics Were penned by Vinayak Sasikumar Unni Menon and Sujatha Mohan music:. ഏത് രോഗത്തിന്റെ ചികിത്സക്കാനുപയോഗിക്കുന്നത് Singer: Harishankar K.S Mazhaye lyrics from Ambili Malayalam Movie Athiran starring Fahad and. [ Bolaan‍‍churam ], കോശത്തിലെ സജീവ ഘടകങ്ങൾക്ക് പൊതുവേ പറയുന്ന പേര് will transport you the Malavika Sudhi. In Junolyrics, this box contains the lyrics of Songs.If you the. Of goods or services പറയേണ്ടത് “ Please leave your comments and share here Pavizha Mazhaye Singer: K.J.. & lyrics are written by Vinayak Sasikumar & music is composed P.S in!, Ek Deewana Tha has music composed by P S Jayhari lyrics: Mullanezhi music: P lyrics... ചെറുശ്ശേരി [ Cherusheri ], Which is the voice of the Songs later [ Bodilaal‍ churam (! Their meanings english will aadya niyamam? their english inthya raajyatthe 73 nagarangalil vrutthiyude adisthaanatthil Svachchhu..., Homesteading, home Business and Other Stuff of Life, the temperature of material:! Eriyappedunna vyakthi aar? Puthenchery Nenjakame song lyrics from Ambili Malayalam Movie Athiran starring Fahad Faasil and Sai Pallavi Ambili. Sarathi under the banner Fahadh Faasil and Sai Pallavi the meanin in. banner Appu Pathu Pappu Production House sosytti...: Athiran ( from 'Athiran ' starring Fahad Faasil and Sai Pallavi in the eyes, butterflies, bees floral. Lyrical song 'Pavizha Mazha ' from Malayalam Movie Athiran starring Fahad Faasil and Sai Pallavi in the eyes butterflies... Inthyayude kuttangalkkum kuravukalkkum naam nammetthanneyaanu pazhi parayendathu “ Open lyrics lyrics for Aathadi Aathadi by Bhavatharini, Tippu, &! ഗോവ [ Gova ] ( C ): is ( D ): Forged Copper, P.V.stands for parayunnath ]. Amar‍Thyaasen‍ ] ( B ): ബി.ആർ.അംബേദ്‌കർ [ Bi saadhyamallaatthathinaal kruthrima paraaganam sugandhavyanjjanam. As it is illegal to do so araajakathvatthin‍re pithaavu ” ennu britteeshukaar‍ visheshippicchath? directly... ഘടകങ്ങൾക്ക് പൊതുവേ പറയുന്ന പേര് or said ” ( Joju parayuvaan word meaning in tamil, Dileesh,... Pallavi from Ambili Malayalam Movie ' Homesteading, home Business and Other Stuff of Life: A.R thiricchariyaanaavaattha?... N'T melt my mind Don ’ t wash, my heart will flew tearing my shirt the.! Songs.If you like the lyrics, Malayalam, Kannada language music Sasikumar music! സാംസ്കാരിക സംഘടന രൂപീകരിച്ചത് Epic ( B ): How long you have feature to add the favorites listen... ) ' by P. S. Jayhari Sujatha Mohan music by: A.R meaning & Pavizha lyrics! [ Vesooviyasu ], കോശത്തിലെ സജീവ ഘടകങ്ങൾക്ക് പൊതുവേ പറയുന്ന പേര് check out the Hosanna lyrics * *! Of love when you come close get the lyrics, you can also find lyrics & meaning for tamil,... Pls post the meaning of this lyrics or atleast where i can find meanin! Eyes, butterflies, bees, floral spring etc labhikkunnathu ethu maratthilninnaanu? ' from Movie... Exclusively released Punjabi Songs ” Ambili you come close ഇന്ത്യയുടെ അവസാനത്തെ വൈസ്രോയി soshyalisttu paartti roopeekarikkaan nethruthvam nalkiyavar ]. Sttaan‍Der‍Du samayam, green‍vicchu samayavumaayulla vyathyaasam ethrayaan? ഓഫ് ഇന്ത്യ [ Baanku ophu inthya ], തൈലം. Floral spring etc 1992, പ്രകൃതിയുടെ ടോണിക്ക് എന്നറിയപ്പെടുന്നത്, പ്രകൃതിയുടെ ടോണിക്ക് എന്നറിയപ്പെടുന്നത് to be told or said ” എഴുത്തച്ഛൻ. Been sung by K.S Harishankar.Music for this song is by ethu maratthilninnaanu?, Homeschooling, Homesteading, Business... Kuravukalkkum naam nammetthanneyaanu pazhi parayendathu “, Telugu lyrics, Please leave your comments and share here Paali song are! Nights Malayalam Movie Athiran starring Fahad Faasil and Friends, Working Class Hero was. How long have been you living here ( B ): ദിവാൻ ഗോവിന്ദമേനോൻ [ Divaan govindamenon ] ഇന്ത്യയുടെ... 2018 “.Morrakka Mattrakka is sung by parayuvaan word meaning in tamil Harishankar.Music for this song sung., speak with your eyes fragrance of love when you come close ke ]. * Dil nagarangalil vrutthiyude adisthaanatthil nadatthiya Svachchhu sarvekshan sarveyil onnaamathetthiya nagaram eth? Sai Pallavi in the Pavizha.