It true for other cases, but we shouldn't be able to assume this is true, right? The sum of the interior angles makes 180 degrees. Get your answers by asking now. The feeling's mutual. Regular Polygon : A regular polygon has sides of equal length, and all its interior and exterior angles are of same measure. Sameer has some geometry homework and is stuck with a question. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. From any one point P inside the polygon, construct lines to the vertices. Now, for any k-gon, we can draw a line from one vertex to another, non-adjacent vertex to divide it into an i-gon and a j-gon for i and j between 3 and k-2. Using the assumption, the angle sum of the n-sided polygon is 180(n-2). At 30 angles C. Perpendicular D. Diagonal. Now suppose that, for a k-gon, the sum of its interior angles is 180(k-2). Further, suppose that for any j-gon with 3