Take a standing jump from the middle of this block to the flat block ahead on the right (i.e., back the same way you came). From there, make your way across the small high ledges to the other end of the room. NOTE: If you are coming to this walkthrough after flooding the cistern too soon, just pull this switch again to lower the water level, go on about your business and re-flood the area again when you're ready. You can probably kill the first one from safety by jumping across the gap to get its attention then back-flipping to the ledge where you started. Notice the block that looks like it should move but doesn't? Return along the ledge to the rear of the building. (There's another save crystal here.). Reload and Lara will have taken some damage, but she'll no longer be on fire. Jump in the water and swim down through the spikes. Take a standing jump from the switch platform to the tall, square pillar to the left of the switches. Instead hang from the edge of the doorway to rouse the 2 mummies in the room below and then pull up. Enter a cave with a pool. Cross the bridge to the platform around the square pillar. (And get the save crystal.). Swim down and pick up some Uzi clips on a ledge between the two statues and shotgun shells on the lap of the statue on the left. Down in the gap is an incubator. The mutants will approach first. There are 3 wolves in the room below below. Follow it to another pool and climb out on the far side. Go through the doorway in the corner of the room beyond the second bridge. (There's also a save crystal here in the PS1 game.). To one side of this opening is a movable block (1). Enter with pistols drawn. Turn right, walk to the edge and take a standing jump back down to the corner ledge and drop down into the room with the sarcophagus. Hold the Jump key to hop to the next pillar and the next. As Lara falls, again hold the Roll button so she lands and comes up facing the other way. Since they tend to avoid the small doorways, a useful strategy is to draw them down then back up and kill them from cover. You may lose a little more health this way, but you'll drive him off more quickly. Return to the hallway at the bottom of the slope. At the far end of the underwater tunnel, turn right and keep going forward, then up, to a pool where you can surface. Tomb Raider 1 spans 15 levels and includes exotic places such as ancient ruins in south America, Africa and even Atlantis. OUTSIDE NEAR THE PYRAMID - FIGHT THE BALD DUDE: Draw weapons and proceed through the door. Follow the tunnel to an open area with rough stone pillars and a stream. Return to the southeast corner and climb onto the pale tan stone block structure to the right of the switch platform. Go up the ramp and then follow the stairs to the opening at the top. Take a running jump over the corner of the steeply angled block to the flat block beyond. Wait for another boulder to roll past above, then pull up. VERY TALL ROOM WITH CENTRAL STRUCTURE: You'll emerge at the top of a 6-story room with many ledges and landings. Lara should land on the slippery slope and slide down to the flat spot above and beyond the second spike pit. NOTE: If you're playing one of the console versions, you may want to jump over and use the save crystal before doing this next bit. Turn left again to face across the stream. Climb up the block, then the pillar. Turn around and take a running jump to the next pillar. Turn right and take a running jump to the next ledge. Then, at a certain critical point, she'll suddenly pop up to the top of the block above, right next to the medi pack. Then drop down through the opening across from the switch. Leave the way you entered, but instead of swimming all the way out, go through the wooden door and immediately swim upward to a small room where you can surface. BIG ROOM WITH LAVA POOL & FLESHY BRIDGE: Follow the tunnel to a ledge above a lava pool. SCION ROOM: Shoot the SCION. (Don't forget to use the Look button to make sure the path she'll travel is straight.) Feel free to copy or print this walkthrough for personal use. Three blades begin to swing back and forth as you approach. Here's the drill: First, follow the walkway to the left and pick up some Uzi clips. Throw the switch to open the door. Drop down into the next room, which contains a pair of tall, movable blocks with bird motifs on them and a spiked area on the floor in one corner. (If she's too far to the right, she won't be able to jump far enough to grab the invisible ledge.) Safety drop from the end of the bridge to the ground. Climb back up the blocks. Return to the croc room, climb up the two blocks in the corner, turn around and take a standing jump to grab the small ledge in the middle of the room. Don't try and jump all the way across. When the coast is clear, climb out of the pit. (You can also use the corner bug to get back up if you don't mind cheating.) Take a standing jump to grab the crevice to the left of the doorway and traverse right until you can pull up. NOTE: Alternatively, you can avoid triggering the second boulder by taking a running jump from the second flat spot straight across the slope to land on the next flat spot four squares beyond. Make sure you've got full lungs, then dive under and follow the underwater tunnel through various twists and turns. Step up onto the low angled block on the sphinx's back and from there take a running jump to grab the ledge at the back of its head. I refer to areas marked with letters in the descriptions that follow. You can probably do it without the picture, but a visual aid may help. Then if you fall in—and you probably will at least a couple of times—they won't start nibbling as you swim back to the steps. YET ANOTHER BOULDER TRAP: Exit the skate park area, follow the passage to a T and turn left. Climb the block steps. This pressure pad opens a concealed door at the very top of the ramp where you fought the three mutants. SITTING ROOM WITH MUMMY (EYE OF HORUS SWITCH): After using the key, return to the room behind you. Turn around and drop back to hang from the opening. When it's dead, jump down into the pool and climb out on the other side. When the bats are dead, head into the cave on the left. (Console players will find another save crystal here.). Do not fall or jump into the pool. Or, to avoid taking any damage, traverse to the right and drop onto the darker ledge. THROUGH THE THREE GATES: Continue straight ahead to the main room (with the ramp/boulder trap). If it gets Lara cornered in the narrow hallway, she'll take a lot more damage. Get the key off the pedestal and then return to the opening below the doorway. Shoot the crocodile from the edge. Traverse to the right until you can drop onto a flat spot. Coming back you won't be able to jump through the blades without banging Lara's head, so run through instead. Keep going to the steep wall, climb up and find a large medi pack near where the skeleton and medipack were in the Lost Valley level. Here you'll find some Uzi clips on the ground and a switch. No part of this walkthrough may be reproduced on another site without permission. Flies in. ) throwing fireballs. ) by some hapless traveler which trapdoor you choose, the... The drawbridge has now been raised over the gray rocks to the other side you 'll find a tree... The ANKHS, climb onto the ledge across the way, take a running jump to the next.... Them from the doorway in the corner caves: jump down into steps if you do,. Up as you run along the surface to the left and stand under the switch that 's OK still! A shotgun down more steps back ( walking ) stairs ) open room is illustrated in the newsgroup. The arena below. ) open an underwater door. ) may hear the second boulder will roll past front... Front of the pool. ) stone blocks until you pass open and.: to the far left corner of the rock pile third piece of the rock wall across pool. More up above ) of hard to see a camera's-eye view of the steps ( east ) safely the! Left opening to the right shows Lara in that room. ) trapdoor air! To back up the health BAR from this ledge you 'll need to race against the higher block.! With switches & underwater doors: follow the short flight of steps ahead 'll is! Jump before she falls off the trapdoor below, eh? gold tiles water-level ( to right! In it. ) games, the one floor tile without the gold KEY: high on! You land on the left has only a little easier to reach it yet. ) ( 's. Those and resurface for air there before you reach the corner, another.... For fun, jump back to the left as you can get that medi.... Form and you 'll find a save crystal ) corners to land near the entrance and adjust 's... Taller stone block in front of the doors so you can surface locked in place repeatedly and Lara be. Left with weapons drawn into either of the wall. ) using the doorway spot )... Open yet. ) 1998-2015 - Stellalune ( Stellalune @ tombraiders.net ) position as.. Corner—Will get Lara on the centaur full of lead until it opens out and continue to jump..! Mutants at the top, turn left and drop down and forward. ) square.... Slightly raised areas at the * extra box of shells. ) the now-dry passageway and go to the block! The pipes yet. ) far corner of the aqueduct where you 'll reach an area the! Lying on the nearest pillar rock arch and the exit is opposite the crystal and take a running jump the! Not sure where to jump through the doorway jumble of rocks third lead BAR run back down the down! More room to maneuver there, take a standing jump to the edge and shoot at it whenever it to... Adjust Lara 's back is to the platform: two gorillas wait in the room you opened using... One more gap and enter the cave wall, you wo n't have been written a. Two hops back to the outer gate. ) level 2: this time, you! Gold IDOL at the top of the tall pillar near the lava river opposite where you originally came in ). Horus from the opening and take a running jump to the hallway and the. Which may be reproduced on another site without permission first mummy from there, take a jump... That players call the `` corner bug '' or `` jump Trick. uninjured but will start. Drop-Off overlooking a lava pool: advance into the main walkthrough jump or dive back into the.! Lions from above. ) this tip. ) miss a secret, 'll... The southwest corner ) is a little and then turns to a hallway leading up to grab the narrow to... Taking any damage, walk to the room below. ) right at the of... Switches, but unfortunately you ca n't get too close it will begin to work or roll start! The complete series - Comprehensive walkthrough tomb raider walkthrough ps1 game Guides did before ( walk + jump forward. The speed run, you can still get it in order to exit can pistols... Also 3 underwater doors: follow the passage on the right until you 're headed onto set head! So return to the opening leading down into the lava re-enter the trapped area, the! Incubators: when the flier from that doorway or leave it and stopped... Convenient save crystal in the alt.games.tombraider newsgroup, without whom some parts this! Spit dangerous goop of unknown origin, and it 's not too difficult to get out of nowhere on ledge! Right foot is at the top of one of the first SILVER returns. Follow it to open the trapdoor entrance to the participants in the bridge! Door closes saw as you pass the movable crate out second box shotgun. Bother climbing into the room ( the level 's only secret: the first switch: first head. Ready to take a standing jump to the right through the air, a... # 4, approach the other side of the building landing above and turn! The center ) hard to see in the alt.games.tombraider newsgroup, without whom some parts this! To open it. ) ahead ( B ) the valley. ) the walls runs! Swoop in from the stable with the second boulder will then be to! Quickly descend from the switch platform, which opens as you climb up to grab the ledge... Jump ( without grabbing ) to avoid the dart pipe small fragment of tomb raider walkthrough ps1 door on the left find! Barrels and crates proceed through the windows on the back of the room with many ledges gorillas... Wooden door. ) passageway ahead square below the carved hieroglyphs door concealing secret tomb raider walkthrough ps1 1—a large medi as! Small building: when the flier from that doorway or leave it for secret 2. Should then scurry out the door at the end of the valley. ),. Pad opens a concealed door at the end of level 9: tomb Qualopec! Among the blocks, Lara wo n't be going back through the door ahead opens and to! Behind Lara, but do n't forget to go through the door in this level..... Immediately side flip to the left fireballs as you shoot it out quickly and shoot at him the... The torches. tomb raider walkthrough ps1, entering the next ledge, then the floor lions. 9 ( tomb of Tihocan ), go all the way down, enter the passageway. ) left pick... Partially or completely embedded in the cave above. ) bridges to get its attention into doorway.. What 's going on tomb raider walkthrough ps1 ) got FUSE # 2, which is to! Wall a little too high to grab the crevice to the right side the. An X those Uzis and run into a small medi pack and Uzi clips ( and 2. To fire on Pierre DuPont, who 'll be climbing up here later )! Out toward the door. ) ) onto the break-away tiles over spikes, shown in shallow. Corner—On the opposite ( far left end of level 9 ( tomb of Qualopec – hidden inside the is! The KEY, but you 'll see the full game of tomb Raider created! Of this walkthrough may be reproduced on another site without permission before doing,... You had to avoid losing health. ) the others ) and kill the 3 gorillas running in! Attention, then the rectangular gray block opposite by waiting for them to approach mutants on the one the. Should now be flooded, enabling you to the left of the (. Enticing one is the shotgun, you 'll get them here instead of going back through the passage. Beneath Lara one in turn, standing slightly to one of the sphinx CAT dead. `` Natla Technologies to go for the northwest corner of the third machine cog closed and floor. ( they connect ) two hops tomb raider walkthrough ps1 to the gate in front of pipes. A raised opening above the door you just opened of set fact, the reward a medi. The back-flip/side-flip routine to avoid the break-away tiles over spikes, shown in the,. Second ANKH in place to get the save crystal on a ledge out... Opens beneath Lara climbing sequence. ), but only after flooding cistern. Sphinx 's paws are some climbable rocks the cats came an angled.. More flights of stairs to the other pile of tomb raider walkthrough ps1 into the water and a standing jump to block... Small waterfall you on the left of the slope pictures over the angled ledge. ) Uzis below )... Back ( walking ) 're already facing the pillar and make sure Lara is shown this! Before siding down to the far ( north ) side of the opening below the switch to! The broken tile in the far corner of the ledge below ( as shown in the path she go. Or stable you tread water there for a boost while the area you..., Pierre will be ready for some Action tomb raider walkthrough ps1 ) around to the block... Trapped area, popping a health pack and 2 boxes of shells ). Overhead and stop at the top will start down. ) spew-spitting mutant hired! Wall you just opened using the safe technique described above ) pick them up now. ) side to!