They are still primarily hand-wound strings on unsophisticated machinery, made by unskilled workers using inferior materials. "Many cellists play cello because they don't like the high, screechy sound of the "E" string," Fan said. The all-metal "E" string actually has no damping in it. "Part of that breaking in period is they go dead," Fan said. This alloy is synonymous with warm, bright, and well balanced acoustic tone. Even back then, D’Addario counted on artist feedback: Carlos Salzedo, a famous harpist and a friend to Charles, offered his advice on how to work with the new DuPont material. That answers the question of why you wouldn't want to save money by putting guitar strings on your violin, as someone on once suggested. Their small town, Salle, was a sheep herding region, and logically enough, it was sheep herders who made the early gut strings from sheep, hog and horse intestines. This article has been archived and is no longer accepting comments. A violin string, however, needs higher damping. If an internal link intending to refer to a specific person led you to … tend to make scratchy sounds with the bow? The silking makes it possible to identify the string and to allow to be thin enough to wrap around a peg. The cheapest nylon strings are made in a process called extrusion. The NYXL range was a result of all the research that had gone alongside bringing this process in house as well as their use of custom spec machines. “It’s a really complicated job.”. D’Addario makes strings for just about every type of instrument that uses them. “It’s a family business, no matter how big we get,” he said. From steel-string dreadnoughts to delicate nylon classical guitars, D’Addario has high-quality sets for them all. Double Bass String: Set of Strings, E String, A String, D String, G String, B5 String (Low), C String (High) Double Bass Tuning: Orchestra (G-D-A-E) Manufacturer: D'Addario. Neither idea had much staying power, so the company relocated from Queens to Long Island, opening its first factory in Lynbrook in 1973. Strings don’t generally go to a … In the 1960s, John D’Addario Sr. developed the first nickel-plated steel alloy, engineering round-wound electric guitar strings that contributed to the rock ’n’ roll sound for the next four decades, Mr. D’Addario said. His favorites — the NYXL 11-46 — “really do last longer and sound better than the standard XL strings,” he said. Thanks for the writeup! “They’ve kept the dialogue open, and they’ve kept improving the machinery,” he said. Three photos on left: steel strings; strings being coiled to be packaged; and strings prepared for bulk shipments. D’Addario XT strings offer extended lifespan while maintaining the tone and feel of your favorite uncoated string. That's where something called "damping" comes in. Size: 3/4. In our line of D'Addario guitar strings for acoustic guitars, we have the traditional round wound strings. “DuPont had developed a nylon microfilament for hairbrushes, toothbrushes and brooms,” Mr. D’Addario said. String Winding: Nickel, Stainless Steel. In 1918, he opened a shop in his garage in Astoria, where he made his own gut strings. Made in collaboration with Aquila Strings; Warm punchy tone; Great tuning stability; Made in the USA/Italy; Making Strings since 1918 ; View our full range of D'addario Strings or visit D'addario Strings's Website for more details on their extensive range of strings. "Understanding the physics of the violin and bowing has taught me a lot.". Environmentally friendly, corrosion resistant packaging for strings that are always fresh Made in the U.S.A. for the highest quality and performance String Gauges: Plain Steel.009,.011,.016, Nickel Wound.024,.032,.042 EXL130 is D'Addario's lightest gauge string set. Then various materials are wound around the core. They feature a precision wound corrosion resistant phosphor bronze wire that is carefully drawn around a hexagonally shaped, high-carbon steel core. Hundreds of spools or metal wire of different kinds and thicknesses sit in a wall of cubbies. In addition, D’Addario has available two sets for long scale, acoustic bass made of their precision wound, phosphor bronze strings – a four string set and a five string set. This poses a serious threat to our brand equity and our loyal customers. Another wall is devoted to flattening machines that basically press the wire. String Tension: Medium. The strings are sold at retailers like Guitar Center and Sam Ash, at independent stores, online and directly to instrument-makers around the globe. It takes a minimum of two weeks to train someone to operate a machine -- push buttons, load and unload strings and wire, etc. Very interesting. Ray D'Addario, American photographer; D'Addario (manufacturer), a manufacturer of musical instrument strings and accessories; Major General Lorenzo D'Addario (born 1964) a member of the Italian Armed Forces, and the 23rd Commander of the Kosovo Force; See also. Despite his access, Mr. Spadafora still marvels at the inner workings of the factory. D'Addario Zyex Viola Strings Zyex synthetic core strings produce a balanced, rich sound. I'd love to tour their factory some day. Of course, the physics can't teach you muscle control, but it can tell you a lot about sounding point and bow speed. Made in the USA for the highest quality and performance, only D’Addario strings are sealed inside and out. -- but it takes far longer, even years, to become a master string maker. Good ukulele strings, and a bit more expensive ones, are also made by extruding the nylon polymer, but are then ground precisely in order … “You can’t really have a music store without something from this factory,” Mr. D’Addario said. From the Manufacturer. D’Addario’s student strings give you really good bang for your buck. "The fundamental concept for making strings hasn't changed in 300 years," said Fan, whose upstairs office is more like a science lab, filled with custom equipment such as a high-precision string winding machine. For some local musicians, being one of the 820 or so employees at the Farmingdale headquarters is a boon to their craft. I feel that they are less different in timber from the synthetic a than the solid steel e. Certainly they are worth trying. Nick Spadafora, a production assistant from Hauppauge who works on the company’s films, is also the guitarist in the Long Island rock band To Sail Beyond the Sun. For the company, the artists add prestige to the brand, but they also improve the quality of the 700,000 fretted and bowed instrument strings a day that it produces on Long Island. The D'Addario family tradition began in the tiny town of Salle, Italy in 1680 where they made assorted instrument strings for over two hundred years before relocating to New York in 1905. For example, why does a beginner (or anyone!) Dimitri Musafia, Master Maker of Violin and Viola Cases, Johnson String Instrument and Carriage House Violins. “If the string gauge was off even a millimeter on my guitar, I’d know it in a fraction of a second,” he said. In the late 1930s, when Charles D’Addario’s son John Sr. had joined the business — by then known as C. D’Addario & Son — the company began making steel strings and nylon core strings for fretted instruments. If you do the rights things, good things happen. D'Addario have developed a process by which they treat the wrap wired and core of the strings with a newly developed, hydrophobic nano coating before it is made in to the string. Additional low B and high C are available as single strings. Delivery by: Monday, Jan 18 D'Addario 85/15 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings_{.009-.045_FULL BRIGHT TONE}_Stainless Steel Material by D'Addario. All … Now, in addition to the large factory building that houses the on-site studio visited by Mr. Metheny, the company occupies a 50,000-square-foot raw wire mill across the street. I've always said that, but here an expert gives it weight! Learn how D’Addario strings are made. And that is true whether or not a music store caters to string musicians. Details. D’Addario is a brand that had begun all the way back in the 17th century. "Our strings tend to be warmer and more responsive, out of the box," she said. Throughout the 1940s and ’50s the company continued to perfect and sell its nylon strings. Fan Tao is one of the brilliant minds from the scientific community that have made significant improvements available to the violin family of instruments. Drummers like Anton Fig, who plays with Paul Shaffer’s house band on “The Late Show With David Letterman,” and Glenn Kotche, drummer for the band Wilco, have worked with Mr. D’Addario to improve the drum products. Jim D’Addario, the company’s chief executive, with the musician Pat Metheny. D'Addario Silk & Steel strings couple silver-plated copper wrap wire with silk for easy fingering and a mellow tone. Not only does D’Addario sell OEM strings, and “white label” strings (which are rebranded, but actually made by D’Addario) the company has also sold quite a few of their actual string winders to other big name string makers. You want that vibration to last. This flat wire is then wrapped onto the string, which is a mesmerizing and surprisingly slow process. But the steel e works beautifully if you set up the instrument well to accommodate it, and if the player works with the instrument. Here is how Fan explains it: Very interesting, Laurie. “We’ve developed relationships with musicians who are good at giving justifiable, scientific feedback,” he said during a tour of the cavernous factory. I've spent a lifetime with my fingers over violin strings, but I've never thought much about how those strings came to be. To learn more about the D’Addario plant, read Lean manufacturing at D’Addario string plant. Made with high carbon steel wire, XL strings are precision wound for unparalleled consistency, maintaining a tone and feel that’s been revered by guitarists since 1974. What I care about is their results.”, That includes a certain “brightness” of sound, he added, as well as consistency. D’Addario XT strings offer extended lifespan while maintaining the tone and feel of your favorite uncoated string. An all-metal string fits the bill just fine. For strings made with the same construction specifications, larger gauge strings will yield higher tension because of the added material and mass. By utilizing the proprietary Composite basses and precisely intonated trebles of our legendary Pro Arte strings, D’Addario XT delivers dynamic response and long-lasting performance. The D’Addario family began making strings hundreds of years ago in the town of Salle, in Pescara, Italy. Lyris Hung, Bowed Strings Product Manager for D'Addario, took me on a tour of the factory floor, where up to 7,000 strings a day are made for bowed instruments such as for violins, violas, cellos and basses, under the brands Zyex, Helicore, Prelude, NS Electric, Pro Arté and Kaplan. Fretted strings -- for guitar and such -- are very simple. In a way, the violin is like two instruments, the "E" having a different quality than the "A," "D," and "G" strings. Crucially, the Core of the string is treated which repels moisture from the entire string. Discover the best of in these collections of editor Laurie Niles' exclusive interviews. The latter happens because the bowing action forces the string to vibrate with all of its vibrating modes being harmonic, but if the string does not want to vibrate naturally that way, the string is slow to respond. It takes a worker a minimum of two weeks to be trained on one of the machines, Lyris said. Zyex strings are made from a new generation of synthetic material, creating strings that are incredibly stable under drastic climatic conditions. Though it is known for guitar strings, D’Addario has recently expanded into producing drumheads, drumsticks, reeds and mouthpieces. String-making in the D'Addario family has been traced to Abruzzi in Italy in the 1600s, when a Donato D'Addario listed his occupation as "cordaro," or string-maker, in his child's baptismal document, according to a book about the company's beginnings. His father and grandfather thought the material was perfect for harp strings and the treble strings on classical guitars.