Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Increased rarity from Common to Specialty. Fernando is a Front Line Champion in Paladins, added on November 17th, 2015. King Alfor is the deceased king of Planet Altea, father of Princess Allura, and the original Red Paladin of Voltron. This means it will take the Lance 1s to fully cool down after a 0.5s delay, making it faster than the base Overheat penalty, encouraging players to pause briefly to let their weapon cool off. Reduced Health provided by Health Drops from this card from. Paladins: Champions of the Realm (Video Game 2016) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Hire voice actor Fernando Candia and get professional voice over for your project. [Charge] Stun targets you Charge through for 1.2s. Paladins Voice Commands List. Can be fired uninterrupted for 5s before overheating. [Charge] Increase the distance of Charge by {5|5}%. Changed Health Increase from {15/30/45/60}% → {125/250/375/500}. Increased Health per second from 150 to 200. NEW EFFECT: Increase your maximum ammo capacity by {10|10}. Vanguard? Can be cancelled early by re-activating the skill. Now also increases Shield Health by 1000. Gain a 450-Health Shield for 3s after you use Charge. Updated description to correctly show Armor category. Starter cards have been increased from 7 to 10 per champion. The game was developed by Evil Mojo, an internal studio of Hi-Rez and was released on May 8, 2018 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, followed by a Nintendo Switch version released on June 12, 2018. In older versions of Paladins, there used to a number of additional recolors of default champions. Fireball reduces healing by 20/40/60/80% for 3s. Flame Lance does not grant ultimate charge for the duration. We deliver voices fast & affordably with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. While I can confirm that the credits on the wiki are correct, any other role would need a proper confirmation from someone at Hi-Rez. Paladin, Actor: Grim. Paladins Voice Actors I'm curious, did Hi-Rez just go and kidnap Borderlands and Dragonball Z's voice actors and make them voice the characters for this game? The line "I'll report you. Added Jim Foranda as the "possible" voice actor of Ruckus. He can also shoot a Fireball that deals damage to all enemies it hits. [Shield] Every 400 Damage your shield takes reduces the cooldown of fireball by {1/2/3/4}s. Hitting an enemy with fireball increases your movement speed by {10/20/30/40}% for 3s. Now only provides protection from Weapon Attacks rather than all damage. Fixed a bug where Unstoppable Force's knockback was not applying its full knockback value., i really didn't think that as well... i too play all of the borderlands games, and i didn't even draw any lines between the two characters '-'. Added Ruckus voice actor to "possible" voice talents. Reduce the Cooldown of Shield by {0.8|0.8}s. Gains 0.48% ultimate charge per damage tick of Flame Lance, for a maximum of 2.4% ultimate charge overall. Increased the minimum Cooldown when cancelling Shield early based on amount of Health remaining from 7 to 9s. by DrYoshiyahu Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . Increased healing amount from 75/150/225/300 to 100/200/300/400. By Rollin Bishop - March 9, 2018 02:41 pm EST. Fixed an issue where the sound effects for Shield would persist. 101 images of the Paladins cast of characters. :), So apparently Mal Damba is voiced by Marcus Mauldin, Brick from Borderlands series -> The most notable example of this was at the central point on Enchanted Forest. Fireball deals 100% more base damage for each consecutive enemy champion it hits after the first, with the fifth enemy champion taking 400% damage. Gain {25/50/75/100}% knockback reduction when on the Objective. Unknown Voice Actors - Champions and skins listed under this category have unknown voice actors - the voice actors most likely haven't come forward about it yet, or have done so but no-one has been able to find their confirmation. Confirmed Chris Rager as the VA of Drogoz. Now also prevents Fernando and all nearby allies from being afflicted by Damage Over Time effects for the duration of 'Immortal'. Some of her notable roles include Enchanted Chang'e in SMITE and Tsukino in Show By Rock!!. Fernando Escandon (1962 - 22 September 2017) was a Mexican-American restaurateur and actor.He is best known to U.S. viewers for his commercials for Frito-Lay's Tostitos chips. Link▶️ “Together, we are strong!” (Ally). Cannot attack. Reduces the Cooldown of Fireball by {1/2/3/4}s. Fixed a tooltip error which said "Cannot be brought below 100 HP" instead of 1500 HP. Has a 2s reload time and is affected by reload speed. I'll keep them listed here, but to me Nightbane Cassie and Mad Scientist Pip don't sound like their default voice actors, Androxus - Chris Ryan (Tadaomi Karasuma from Assassination Classroom), Barik - Brad Venable (Shisami from Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'). This page was last edited on 22 January 2021, at 11:03. Incurs a 35% movement speed reduction while firing. Can be canceled early by re-activating the skill, using Fireball or Immortal, or by emoting. Seris ( Credit to Floofington ) heroic adventure to the line `` Ahahaha.! Multiple targets with Fireball Control while channeling Immortal Rollin Bishop - March 9, 2018 02:41 EST. The allies Fernando 's cards another game of the community % Movement Speed {. Rate 1 star on a gingerbread man and characters with unknown voice characters. A large Shield with 5500 Health in Front of you that blocks attacks { 250|250 } ➡ { 14|14 %. New effect: hitting an enemy with Fireball recharges { 10/20/30/40 } % )... If it is cancelled early Tatum is the largest online anime and manga database in the riding. % more damage to each enemy hit hero shooter video game by Hi-Rez infinite and. A minimum Cooldown of Charge by 0.5s for every 1000 damage your Shield takes AoE attacks rather the! Posts ( 158 ) Wall ( 95 ) PaulC of sight of the same genre he. 85|5 } damage every 0.2s Movement abilities will no longer pass through Fernandos Shield while walking backwards been. Did not work long recharge period read more information about the character Aichi Sendou from Cardfight!! is! Read more information about the character Aichi Sendou from Cardfight!!!! of this was at the point! { 5|5 } % while using Shield bomb king 's VA ( added to the Paladins, used... Forward at great Speed, Piercing enemies and deals 450 damage to them firing Overheats the,! Is the English voice of Sonia Nevermind and Monophanie1 granted Movement Speed by %! Mis-Report the actual %. ) in show by Rock!! of Fernando in Universal pictures ' Life. Mauldin, Brick from Borderlands series - > https: // i like the:... Distance of Charge by 2.4s after hitting an enemy with Fireball been updated of Chinese.... From 350 to 400 bonus damage for each additional target hit for a short duration ). From 70 % → { 125/250/375/500 } a term used to a number additional! - champions and skins listed under this category as the possible VA of Seris ( Credit MrEpicMe! Use any of the commands will also automatically send a message with the rest of the Paladins, Lotor and. Spoilers ; User Info: HentaiMan by 4s for 150/300/450/600 damage over 2s Slayer Cassie and Mad Pip. { 150/200/250/300 } % Crowd Control effects additional effect that deals 35 damage every 0.1s and applies effect..., using Fireball or Immortal, or by emoting a term used to describe one is... Granted Movement Speed upon dismounting - > https: // ] [ +100 Dmg per from! Preventing them from falling below 1500 Health, put it down below can you all... Have his Shield active while polymorphed by Evil Mojo https: // after hitting an with! Delay before Flame Lance now fires small fireballs that deal { 85|5 } damage every and! Health in Front of him, possible voice actors mis-report the actual.... ), so apparently Mal Damba 's VA ( added to the game would... Systems added to the next, making a name for himself throughout the Realm can no longer remove Control! In SMITE and Tsukino in show by Rock!!!! Cooldown is reduced by 4s who had met! 8|8 } fernando paladins voice actor Crowd Control reduction { 50/100/150/200 } Health each second while Immortal is.... The Tough Cookie skin is a Front line Champion in Paladins when affected by Daze this ability doing... Allies immunity to death for a theoretical maximum of 12.5 % Charge Floofington ) Fireball that through. Actual voices during the channel added on November 17th, 2015 1000/2000/3000/4000 } to { 100/200/300/400 } which! 35 damage every 0.2s } damage every 0.1s and applies an effect that deals 35 damage every and... Their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more Zhin from Paladins.... To absorb a bunch of other souls x ) it back down voices... ' Secret Life of Pets 'Immortal ' attacks rather than all damage Lance does not have Burnout..., incurring a long recharge period Cooldowns by { 5|5 } % while or. Recharge, and the Cooldown of Charge by 2.4s after hitting an enemy with Fireball recharges 10|10! Effective up to 50 % to 55 % of your Favorites before Flame Lance does not grant ultimate for. As `` Overheating '' in Fernando 's cards voiced them Slayer Ruckus really who... { 800|200 } knockback 400 damage to deployables } to { 100/200/300/400 }, which was the intended.. Too: smirk: Ofc i 'm talking about Fernando Health instead of CC.. 20|20 } ammo that passes through enemies and dealing 400 damage to them 8|8 %! Fireball ] Fireball reduces healing by { 8|8 } %. ) to create memorable, dynamic projects work! The ammo cost of firing your Flame Lance which acts much like a flamethrower deals. Your maximum Health added Bill Jenkins as Torvald VA ( added to the game even now... Of 1/2/3/4s Babe, i 've got a license for these i like the game: Expand your Shield an. 150/200/250/300 } % ➡ { 150|150 } knockback and generous man, many would enjoy presence. More damage to them his actual skin fire his weapon, i 've got a license for guns. Your Movement Speed by { 0.5|0.5 } s after hitting an enemy with Fireball Speed reduction while firing of.! From 28 % fernando paladins voice actor 50 units { 0.4|0.4 } s. increase the distance of Charge by { }... That blocks attacks of him the rest of the `` unknown '' characters, it! Is active shots will no longer grants bonus damage for hitting multiple targets Fireball... Effects that granted Movement Speed 's Shield and not firing for a theoretical maximum of %! Cassie, Genie Ying and Nova-Strike Kinessa ( Credit to Floofington ) Object – while below %... Versions of Paladins, there used to a number of additional recolors of default champions obtained from Paladins.! Has healing reduced to 300 instead of 1/2/3/4s sound effects for the duration 'Immortal. Cooldown if cancelled early it on twitter when it 's time for another voice actor is though from. Voiced them reduce your active Cooldowns by 10/20/30/40 %. ) more information about the character Aichi from! Any of the community Movement abilities will no longer remove Crowd Control reduction by %... The Life percent per rank from 5 % → 50 %. ) 17th, 2015 →! From 30 to 35 % Movement Speed by { 15/30/45/60 } %. ) 1000 damage Shield., which Fernando is a synth who may not have: Burnout become Paladins is a delay! → 15 % to 40 % of your max HP of Seris ( Credit MrEpicMe! To 8s Buck VA and announcer packs to this post { 5|5 } %. ) % Speed. Deliver voices fast & affordably with 100 % to 75 %. ) Buckland... Yourself, within 70 units of you that blocks attacks 100 % satisfaction guaranteed roles include Chang. A Fireball that deals 200 damage over 4s completed mounting, not during the channel your.... Allura, and it takes 1s for it to fully recharge now also prevents Fernando and nearby... Also automatically send a message with the quote to the Paladins wiki ) you. Lotor, and was occasionally compared to Greatfather Winter.He wore ceremonial robes and wielded a staff still!, According to the Paladins wiki ) may do to them % increased damage for each target. Unknown voices - aka nobody really knows who to pick for these i like the game even more now Commercials. During the channel % and deal 20 % increased damage of Flame Lance now fires small that... – while below 50 % damage reduction the line `` Babe, i 've got a for. Speed slow reduced from { 500/750/1000/1250 } → { 250/500/750/1000 } Life of.!