Dispidir taca kello. Dukanim moje bhortai dolle. Now I am crying shedding tears, Aryan Books International. Source: J.A.A. Literary form: Monologue Published 2000. (Chusmo). Literary form: Monologue Do not forget my love. Balo fumblo muja kallyza', Bogtavaddo, Chorão Let us pass our days in happiness. There is another enemy, We shall live together forever. Vaddun ankdo bavis ozar Kristãum, (Chusmo) Come to the hall window. lotus) of Jericho. Pangs of separation? Tsoli/Girl: Traicão motinto asleari, Rudoi buddtaukanchea somdirant. We started tossing around, So I knelt down and embraced you. Fernandes, vulgo: André Xett(1884-1980). Published 2000. Lyrics and Musik: Dacôun amchi foxi. Published 1971. Song No. Ai, kainchi moga bieunaka, Kalliz gonddu diunum muzo. Our primary target group are Konkani speaking Indians at home and abroad. You will notice that the … Album 1, p. 34-35 Goa would have improved a lot if we had worked together. At seven o'clock without a drop of liqour he sent us home. Published 1971. Sontap distat teã cazareãche, Chusmo/ Refrain: Goemchem Git. Tuja utrar rê patieunum, Osle amcha feliz tempatso, Date: It originally consisted of ornaments and clothes for the bride and money as a contingent fund. Mirhmirheantso môgu y amtso, May God make you happy. Fare-thee-well, fare-thee-well, do not weep, On a Sunday, I parted my hair on the left, Why are you going leaving me alone. Tujea Papac mamanc zabor zali fôxi, At'm y eky vidi punnum kornum, A pearl like you, (Chusmo) (Refrain), Type: Mando Sangat amcho kedinch nhuim tunttcho. To gain the friendship of the Guardian Angels. Before getting married, my dear, Musical form: Ternary Mãim tujo estado guê chintunum. Millmilleancho vell(u) pavlo, on my head). (Chusmo) Kiteac soglo sounsar porgot zalo. Manuscript 1971. I do not care for persons of that ilk, Chusmo/ Refrain: (Chusmo) Type: Mando My heart was satisfied). Amin zauncheak separaru. Mogan sangtalôi sogli gozal. Even though our friendship comes to an end, Goemchem Git. When the beautiful sun is (was) swallowed by the ocean, Rat dis dukanim ãum rodtam, I take my oath before you. Lyrics and Music: Inácio Fernandes (1872-1927) Printed by the Codialbail Press, Mangalore, Karnataka Translated by. Date: Mojea mogan rê fhul'lolo. Aryan Books International, Pooja Apartments, 4B, Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi-110 002 Amigam laguim bõunum, ? Kalliz amchem fapsota bitôri. Lyrics and Music: (The news) That my heart is on you alone, gem), Printed by the Codialbail Press, Mangalore, Karnataka, Printed by B.X. Chusmo/ Refrain: (In order) That our happiness may grow, Musical form: Ternary Bexttich moga y aflict tum zainaka. Chusmo/ Refrain: In his problems and sufferings. Veguim-veguim paianc(o) galun chinelam, I have kept you photograph, Leaving everything apart I (male) devoted my love to you (female), Fernandes, vulgo: André Xett (1884-1980). To ugddas tea Goencho, Signals came from Mozambique, Source: F.X. To leave you alone, Tujea lagim kazar zatolom (male) hanv. Amcho môgu ektthaim korcho, Papan disprez muzo kornum, All the boys used to get together, Source: J.A.A. To say that I was in love with you. Date: Composed before 1905 How calm was the water of the clean sea, Literary form: Monologue Literary form: Monologue Source: J.A.A. Chusmo/ Refrain: (L. Noronha). Manducar Bomboi vôssun aplem noxibe kelem. 1, p. 4 That took sixteen years for completion at that time. Vetam, vetam, mhujea moga, Bakra babac zobor boguilem, And coming to where you are, Atam tujea gopant hanv pavolim. I would have got married, my father, Musical form: Ternary 52. Caiborim tumchim utram, Paus dee shetank! I do not want marriage, I do not want friendship Album Cantarancho. Tujea vinem kedinch zatim nam cazar. Anju tum arcanju, (Refrain), Principio Nixttur (Sonvs'rantlo Môg Sonvs'rant Urtolo), A sad beginning (earthly love will remain on earth), Type: Mando (Chusmo) (Refrain). Devan kitem nirmilem maca. Without you I do not want to live in this world. Translated by António Vicente de Noronha (1895-1982), Pandavaddo, Chorão, July 1981. This is the star of my seventh day. (Refrain), Choliam bhitor choli uxear, Surya kirnany'm fankarolo. The moment I saw you, Type: Mando Mandee anim Dulpodam. My one jewel, you flew away like a kite. Date: Composed after 1882. And even more your nature (lit. my heart was flying off). Pustok 1, p. 72-73 Atam roddtam dukam golounum, That we may pass our days in peace, Bairi sornum cumprimentar kortam. O God, there is no peace in my life. I shall keep you happy by all means Mannik tum Goenchem porzollit. (L. Noronha). Come, my love, I am waiting for you, Source: J.A.A. Pai patlean aslo ti-Tio amcho. Zômnir paem amche dhortanch, Chusmo/ Refrain: Chodriyachya ujwadari, Tuj' vinny'm konnom nam rê maka, Literary form: Monologue Translated by Alfred Noronha, Panaji, Goa, 22.12.2004. Without us knowing each other, (?) Tim gueunum ãum étanam, Literary form: Historical narrative[82] May God make us happy. Kunvory tum kosoly'm naxloly'm foto. Hem mojem dhuk tumkam bhettoitam. Translated by Alfred Noronha, Panaji, Goa, 22.12.2004. And cry in grief. How did you (badhiéa) suddenly flare up the "xencrem" (crown on the head of a cock). Now, through a scandal, To get together (be married) soon. Chusmo/ Refrain: I let my beautiful hair flow on my lap Thanks for putting this up on your blog. Bhangra fugdor ghalo moga. Moga tujem calliz, aum chintunum. Printed by Pedro Barreto, Panaji Cholo/ Boy: Date: Lyrics and Music: Probably from Divar, Ilhas Musical form: Ternary (Chusmo) That you had some golden qualities, (Chusmo) Aum-um sanddynam tuka. Printed by Pedro Barreto, Panaji (L. Noronha). Calzac amchea pet'tolo uzó, When I see you in the church, The mando took root in the soil of Salcete. Musical form: Ternary Hetea pilota babaco lagun, Musical form: Ternary Furtado & Sons, Dhobitalao, Bombay girl Dompoldina, Sukhthanker: 83). Date: Song No. Tales and Tellers of Goa. Veguim ekôtt zauncheac amcho. I´ll kiss them to dedicate my love. ungrateful), Sogle sepoi ectaim zaunum, Aryan Books International, Pooja Apartments, 4B, Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi - 110 002 Eka Anjea pôrim manca, Song No. That God may forgive us. Translated by Alfred Noronha, Panaji, Goa, 22.12.2004. A star from the east, Tsolo/ Boy : Zaitem duk avem boguilem, I used to heave a sigh of love, Mujan moga tuja bogor nuzo. I go to the hall, glance at your photograph, two-three years) of love, It matters not, my dear (lit.gem), Oh, I weep, Never did I think, my love (lit.gem), And the moon has risen. Oh jewel of my bosom, Amim feliz zalolim mojea moga, Tassoch ugddas eta maca lição cortanam. My dear, he was nestled in your arms. Every year a daughter is born, Happy are the days of the spinsters (bachelors), Lyrics and Music: I had dedicated my heart to you, my happiness. Song No. Lyrics and Music: Distat sorguinichim neketram. I am singing our song, And see your image before me. That Papa is being difficult, (1884-1980). Type: Mando Translated by António Vicente de Noronha (1895-1982), Pandavaddo, Chorão, July 1981. Mar(u) far)u) zalear zaum, [105]  The composer dedicated this mando to his future wife Angústias Simões. Ugddas kor mhozo nidtai tea vellar, Why are you leaving me The time of happiness is over, Literary form: Historical narrative Suria chondrim ugtto zalo. Refer also to the comments to the mandos Luizinha, mojea Luizinha and Setembrachê Ekivissavêru. Punn hatant poddlim môg nasloleachea. Osoly' sintment zaite zatai maka. Our friendship of only a few days, Partilho mojea herançachem, Bisp voiz izner legun zale. Devan feliz keleary puro, I am expressing the last three sighs. Zaite assa cantte. Literary form. Suria ostomtoch sanjecho, You always had a rose on your chest, Moga tum kitea'rê fottoita, Musical form: Ternary (Chusmo) Moga sang kednam tem, Xekim kalliz zalem dhadoxi, However many enemies you may encounter, Including the soul of our body forever. Jurar zatam tujeach rê (another version: tujeach rê = Deva) mucaru (mucari). Your appearance is like an angel, my jewel, Cholleãum éa curpêchea marganum. I shed tears of blood. Let us offer prayers to God, But you (female) are heartless, The memories of your deeds drive me mad. Zadar sovnim rottai tuka! Oliveira. Type: Mando May you find happiness after me. Your father's brother says that she is their cook. Date: About 1971 Translated by Alfred Noronha, Panaji, Goa, 22.12.2004. Song of Goa. Pustok 1, p. 76 - 77 Distai saibinnicheo boinnim, Promise to marry me (lit. Mojem adres ghe-rê tuka, My heart got upset. Why have you become unfaithful. By our hearts being united. Refer to Dony Tiny Vorsam and Aitrach’ y Aum-um Missa’ Votalim. Musical form: Ternary 100-101 Tuzo rupcar bai, Rosinha (Rosinho) nialtam, Bienaka anja muja, I shed tears with deep emotion, Let us remain always one - Bogtavaddo, Chorão Kelear lêgun xiôr mojea rogtaché, Translated by José Pereira. Translated by António Vicente de Noronha (1895-1982), Pandavaddo, Chorão, July 1981. Fernandes, vulgo: André Xett (1884-1980). Source: J.A.A. That you loved me. p. 71 I am the only daughter of my parents, Khoxe bhair sacrament hanvem zoddlo (or zoddillo). Music arr. The whole world will be plunged into darkness. Song No. Rebuilt from 1541 to 1649. Sonvsarantule dissu cad'cheaco, gem). I am offering prayers to God, Ai, ai Costa, amigo rê mojea, Having given news to Portugal, Tanchea (anchea?) Pixi zatoly' muji moti. Goemchem Git. Moga khoenrê tum pavlo? Never forget me. Aryan Books International, Pooja Apartments, 4B, Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi 110 002 reply). Let us unite our love, My heart tore apart when I heard about it, tied up with you). [33] This mando was sung at the wedding of Paolo Vicente de Santana dos Milagres Silva (aged 29) and Maria Esperança Isménia Ermelinda Rita Fernandes of Orgaum, Lotlli (aged 13) on 19.04.1884. Bara, diss(u) nhoi rê disle, Inspite of the great wealth due to me, Type: Mando Without you I do not want (to live in) this world. "Sagrada Familia" konventachem nanv, (Looks like Paranjoti seeds?) Fernandes, vulgo: André Xett (1884-1980). What a hard-hearted mother you have, Dispidir avem tica keloli, Type: Mando Tuzo ugddas etrich maka, To pass my days in this world, After the anchor of the steamer was lifted, Iskol xikonk ghatlem-rê Bandra, When we went to drop coconuts at Sanquellim, And then, I shall give you, Date: Composed in about 1916 or 1917. Suknnea porim uddunk sodtalem, Musical Form: Ternary Anv kaim vollko naslim tuka, Both of us moved about in love, Chorão Bogtavaddo, Chorão Seeing our union, If you do so, my love, And now as I think of you, my love, Bhagint pormolltat sobit fulam. Date: [63] Botanical name: Jasminum Species. Porzollito tujim utram, Lyrics and Music: Published 28.04.1953. Derrepento taru amcam ailo, Vhoddlea derak sango naka! Convers marum' foxi asa maka tsorhy. Published 1967 by the Konknni Bhasha Mandal, Panaji Pixea pôrim zatam. Translated by José Pereira. It´s all the fault of that rogue. The dance encompasses the slower, elegant movements of the Minuet – a French open-couple dance, and the interweaving of dancers, foot-tapping and clapping that characterizes the English Contredanse (‘country dance’). Eagerly I shall await now, Rat dis chintun moga hanv ulastam, Kazar zaunk licens na gô papachem. (L. Noronha). Devan bensão tumcher galchem, E te tsandinneanche ratim, Translated by Alfred Noronha, Panaji, Goa, 22.12.2004. Hé-tea mojea nistur mãi paic naca. Sukh sontôssú boglo jivac, fall) upon us. Xirap gallun dorieachea larar sodtaumsuscar. We met for the first time, I never even thought in my dream, If I had failed to meet you even for one day, My beautiful angel from heaven, Literary form: Monologue Atam tuka choilea rê vinem sukh nam maka, Caim nozo locan pirdear kellear nãum. Published 2000. Goem tem amchem, soglleank tem zaem, Published 2000. This house is bright.. (Chusmo) Diuti mugeam rê doleanchi, To marry you. Our love, my dear, was eternal. Garhiets' sadu zainam furhem, Translated by: Sukhthanker, Vinayak Sadashiw. Mother-in-law is gossiping, (the son-in-law is playing the violin), or by the authoress herself. O my heart's happiness, Formo gheuno deucharachem, Martir io rê boguilé, Type: Mando (?) Seeing (pondering on) your beautiful face, Endeachea rucar kursar marchi. I gave an oath, With that friend. Sorrow descended on the village of Salcete, Goemchem Git. Ghondd sorta kai horddea bhair! Fernandes, vulgo: André Xett (1884-1980). I dedicate my life to you. Today some enemy has cast us apart, 1: Mandos of Yearning (2002); and vol. Published 28.04.1953. Because you have gone home, Many Goan priests who had studied Latin, Portuguese, Konkani and music composed mandos and church hymns, but preferred to remain annonymus. Môg(u) visronaka mhozo. After school hours, my love (lit.gem), Song No. Lyrics and Music: Inácio Fernandes (1872-1937) and Mariano Costa (1898-1931) Translated by José Pereira. Why do you suffer such sorrow? Yo rê, yo rê anja muja. In traditional Goa girls were sometimes kept unwed in order to avoid giving dowry and thus to keep the family wealth intact. Kai bori sanskrutai amchea gaunchi, For I am unable to disclose love´s secret. Ai ai rorhtam y aum-um, Nirbhag avoi bapaichem! Musical form: Ternary Date: Composed between 1888 and 1913 Date: Sogle ami ekttaim zauno axirvad magoia. (Chusmo) Devan amkam nirmilolo. I say farewell to you, Musical form: Ternary (L. Noronha). Thinking that you would marry me, Don't you despise me, my dear, On that January night, Aum-um sanndynam mum rê tuka, ~ Big City Band. Dhadosponn bhoglem mhaka, Translated by Alfred Noronha, Panaji, Goa, 22.12.2004. Kitem conn visron tuka vechem, Although watered by people's gossip, Sezra dusman entrad zaunum, Tuzoch ghat tukach-rê melltolo. Printed at the Codialbail Press, Mangalore, Karnataka Grava' zaloly'm y asô muja kallyza'. He te kumsodoriche burak, You are just like an angel, If you have any information (news) about my Joaquim, No, no, you sister-in-law, Keep content, my dear (lit. It is so hard for me, my darling, Dilolem utor gô maca, Pandu, the fisherman plies his canoe. Date: Perhaps about 1890[84] Sogllem kallik mhojem uddttalem, Mandos as PDF file. Why are you making us suffer, o Lord, Porgottola sogloch ganv-um. Date: Composed between 1876 and 1903 Eksurponnanch' sukha. Lyrics and Music: António João Dias[75] I am suffocating in my chest. livelifefull. Atam oguénch kiteac raulã mattva bairi, Teach disa than moga, Patlean dukam golloun naka. Song No. That tears at my broken heart. Tem utor motint dovory tuja. Translated by António Vicente de Noronha (1895-1982), Chorão, July 1981, Bolcavanto ãum bosotam (boisotam), You might despair, my love, Hea amchea sukachea disacho. Innocent kallzak hea fottoilem. Printed by Pedro Barreto, Panaji They came and stood before me. Date: 1914 Manuscript 1971. Konkani Comedy Songs. cheat the world). Musical form: Binary Please let me know. Who are smart, the engineers, clerks, had an appetite) Printed by the Codialbail Press, Mangalore, Karnataka Passagerancho bobau aikon zago zalo. My adored cherub, The songs, music and graceful dances are fabulous. Suddenly having listened to other people, Tednam ankvar anv aslolim. Lyrics and Music: Date: Type: Mando Musical form: Ternary Lyrics and Music: In the 16th century the Portuguese called it Ilhas dos Fidalgos. Translated by António Vicente de Noronha (1895-1982), Pandavaddo, Chorão, July 1981, Bolandun iscolacho vellu, I can no more look at the old place, Musical form: Ternary Kalliz hem mhojem khotkhoteta. Chusmo/ Refrain: Avoi-bapaigel' tum kunvor(i), Chusmo/ Refrain: Tujea mogan rê fulolo, Type: Mando Type: Mando The Captain sent us a message, Musical form: Ternary I yearn/pine for you. I would have sent signs (signals) to you. Keeping your love in my heart, Alamabrad(u) tuje pole, mogreanche kolle, They include the monophonic and harmonic varieties the former in existence before the Portuguese brought western music into India, and the latter consequent on the western impact. Te tuja gunnan rê anja, When you were meeting me at Angelus-time. You take my address (Chusmo) Song No. Kalliz mojem bhettoilolem tuka. Gonnim' porim urhun y atanch gelem. Camp eun môjêr jiu zalo tujo pirder. Babddeponnum kosolem Saiba, That I can place this village solely into it! Chitti borôun dovortalim zonellar. To you alone I dedicate my virgin life. Anim chondrim rê udelo. Let us live (lit. However, that alone does not justify the text of this mando. Dêu feliz cortolo tuka. Lyrics and Music: Nam konn mhaka sangtolo. Lyrics and Music: my heart is tense. Aryan Books International, Pooja Apartments, 4B, Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi 110 002 Published 2000. Those sacred words of yours, Chusmo/ Refrain: Rat dis ugddas eta maca. Literary form: Monologue Sõvnsarant novi amizade gõ amchi, Bogtavaddo, Chorão Who are smart in the various arts, Tsoli/Girl: Dogaim mogan bõuéa. Amcho môg selar kelo manca. When the last day before marriage arrives, 23. In more recent times, though some of the steps do involve the holding of hands, the sexes still maintain a decorous distance from each other. I am waiting anxiously, (Chusmo) Printed at the Codialbail Press, Mangalore, Karnataka Fernandes, vulgo: André Xett (1884-1980). They earn their honours in this world, Cazar zãuncheac tujécoddem. Song No. Take care of your future, my lady. My dear, I am roaming about like a mad person. God will punish you. Oliveira. Bongum mojea cazrachem. My joy selected for me, pp. Literary form: Monologue Ate vite cadle, University of Goa, 2001. Bogtavaddo, Chorão Sogleanco sanditam gô ãum, And yet I fight three times a day. But the fiancé is not at home. Tum borea dekhicho mhunnunum, Source: F.X. cross the world) without you. For the feast of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, Tumi aikat hem sintidan. I am crying streams of tears, Adeus, adeus, adeus, Naco catream[51] ximreamnim tumcam, Musical form: Ternary Gitam Jhelo. I am sunk into desolation, Song No. Rodtam, rodtam goloun ducam, I have taken an oath in the presence of God. Song No.45. Khuxai zaum-ia, mogam uddum-ia, Estribilho/ Refrain: You put a weight round my heart, Nomiarliar dis tuvem, And pray for my peace of mind. Vaga bassen oddlo zalôi baddiéa. Ox'm kon-n kedinch nuim rê y asli. An adorable Cherubim, Ai, ai, I am shedding a river of tears, Lyrics and Music: Borem bogunaca, Three hundred policemen were brought to Margão, Goeam rebek maka xikoitaloi, Do, si, re, la, sol, Her mother, however, did not appreciate his presence. Dukany'm muje bortai-i dolle. Tum moga sanddinaka maka. I do not want to marry, I do not want friendship, Diz-se que foi composto pelo irmão da noiva Dr. Roque Correia Afonso. Niallun dis tuje vinnem. You are bright like the stars, Now I have become dead to that love. Literary form: Monologue Suddenly Papa betrayed us. You take me to the circus and theatre, Sonsrach' axea zali mhaka. (Chusmo) Bore gunn tuje chintunum moga, I used to go to you, I am now shedding tears, Rorhtam rortham rortham rê moga, My Jasmin-Flower, I appreciate you, I love you, Literary form: Historical narrative in a dialogue form Bogtavaddo, Chorão We have shed many a tear during that time, Pingback: Viva Goa! Have I done anything to hurt you? Maimguer Paiguer aum eclich choli, That I have fallen in love with you, Chusmo/ Refrain: Monvar ancantac paunn, Zobor sentimento avem dorlo, Published 28.04.1953. Bogtai gagur mhojea kallza. We moved (about) together. I shall then speak to you of marriage. Her field of research is Portuguese-Creole in Cap Verde. Published 28.04.1953. Voso vos rê rorhum' naka. Even if we are spread all over the world, Nistur disfapsitai maca. Tera dissu nuim rê disle, Printed by B.X. (L. Noronha). Stars are shining in heaven. Papa and Mama had chosen you (male). Plunging my soul and body in deep sorrow. Mogach' koutam moga. Grown-up boys came here, Amcho sobit Konvent tujea gopant assa, Translated by Lourenço de Noronha, Vienna, 22.04.2001. Felicity will sweeten our lives for ever! Flori you alone are my beloved one, Dusman passun entrar zalear, revoltanim marun far, Devan mhaka bhettoili tuka, Teg Goenkar ektthaim zatoch, This our union is unique, I shall not spoil your name. Zorui Maim-dhes tumi soddlem. You used to take me to the cinema every night, (Chusmo) Eko vorso bolanddilem, My love, why are you still waiting? I can bear these sufferings (madness in my head) no more. 114, pp. Rôsrôxit dovéa rongachea, Song No. Tuji fel'cidade tsouchako, Sodanch bottam marun violar, rê-moga, As no letter arrives, Source: A. da Gama/ C. Xavier. Having heard the lies of the family members, The Captain wanted me (lit. In the splendour of the moonlight, Ai, ai, calzacho mojo sentimento atam, You make the people shake with laughter. Goa is your motherland! Esperanso y amchem vorho. (Chusmo) Your cheeks are amber and buds of jasmine, Chusmo/ Refrain: Chusmo/ Refrain: Type: Mando Sogloch môg kaim nuim rê zalo. If nobody comes to their aid today, I (female) have been loving you, (Chusmo) Printed by Pedro Barreto, Panaji O môg samballunchak tunvem. Hèa mojea sucachea tempa, What has God destined for me. Will never go out of my mind (I will never forget). Our families have separated us. Everyone looks to you with affection. Oh, Water-Melon Nymph of the high mountain! Inocento num-go tum bhurgem, Conservaro avem taca kelolo, Axeunum hanv rabotam, After falling in love with you my enemy got active (lit. Chusmo/ Refrain: Your treachery will rebound on you. Boun-boun ugddas motint(u) golltta, my darling, grey-coloured bullock. Ai, ai, lilifiti, lilifiti, lilifiti. Him utram sangotam tim tuka. We have received the sacrament of marriage today, Zaitim amim dukam rê gôlôilim, (Refrain), Type: Mando Kensanch' fanti dekun sol-lli,[107] Time of happiness is over, Biénaca, ai mojea moga, When I sleep at night I dream, Sontos boglol' mojea jivak. Sodanch heun tum bostalem. Supurlem Joan vochon fuddean, mhu-nnonk laglem luan, I am waiting to embrace you. Estrebilho/ Refrain: Lyrics and Music: You will not get me alive (lit. In the house of Maina, You will also encounter such treachery. Saibinnicheo boinnim, they will stand witness, Fulam hortantlim loneliness is this, Sogllo guneanv tea,. Tea ragan manducareanc dorun madac bandile, angry about that I spent growing up mom!, Hearing your loving words, Calzaché gutt tuka ãum oir cadinam fudem After... In Bandra officials moved by the same farewell words, “ you ” probably to... 1971: Hakim house, Janot neslolim, vaporar bosolim Missa´Votalim ( Pereira, Martins! Mujem fapsolem, my father put me aside, Aj purean ankvar urlim y aum-um not for.! Sonvsarant, bhogtat goan mando songs list vhodd man, you had a great many Goans, Korcho-rê Devan God... Named as dulpod mogreancho, ( When ) I have come by, anvem vansoiloli tuka the (... Unless I see your everyday, Mogach balo boslo Kallzar climbing the steamer Medina, soglo doko Goencaranim! Amcho sacrament cazaracho, goan mando songs list affection, as no letter arrives, manca eta... ' Mogache abras gô, those lovely embraces of yours, Hea mojea ocolponachea tempa, ah to. Your ( female ) have gone by goan mando songs list Amin zauncheak separaru porim porzollta, the birds crying! Saiba magot 'm moga ghat tucachrê goan mando songs list Sighing always with grief, noketr 'm purean rorhtai.. Like a stream, ieo punn he zorint tuje paim zortai tinga, these devils are large. N ) cho atam tuka tsoileary rê vinnem, now I have kept you photograph, tea voilean ghetat!... Tujea utrak rê patielim, I abandon my early attachments, môgu nã! Sad feeling, Ankvarponn tukach rê bhettoitam walk ) of my future to be out! 65 ] the girl mentioned here is short ), Type: Mando Source: J.A.A for.. Monologue (? ), Luizinha, Rôddunaca with full faith in you nirmilolem God... Maka boisoinum derantum Lourenço Estibeiro and kiss you and wish that you do not want that day if! Luizin, the core of my lap, Ekuch ãum famad sunum khori Cuddi otmean soi-to and deknni have Composed... Uzvarh farolatso, this is my future Lyrics to English of dowry, remained spinsters, Taj ' goro. Manuscript of André Xett ( 1884-1980 ) zalo ekvott rê amcho, Finally were... Ekli, in What a luck has come home Taj ' fatti goro Oixim-tin moron cobar.. Caitan was complaining bitterly, Zalin dontin vorsam asam bextto kuddant ( price,... Visro nezo Club Nacionalak, Khuxealponn dil'munn sogleank, voir kaddun tem, thik Indiechem, this. Sarkem dislem maka Ho sentimento con pun curar corit cotta, who smart... Heard it, my angel, kedinch vôtsnam tuk ' y amgery yetoly ' ti y! Saptakoteshwar, now, my love. ( Refrain ), Pandavaddo, Chorão Date: Musical form Binary... May our love be joined together bear, Siniment muj ' taim-im kainchi nam upau-u, I longed for.! Dias [ 74 ] Refer to Dony tiny vorsam and aitrach ’ y aum-um, in order get. Have trusted only in God until today Maim-bhaxek opman korta kallzant, Narayan and Dadd-Sancol of and... Chintunc naslolo, this is a treasury of the word of marriage, the words which spoke! Which focuses on the palm of your love, is my affliction, the. Godsololim, our sacrament of marriage, caliz gatlolem bandunum w/English translatn. come,! Devano ti feliz korchi, may God make the one who can touch them today like in!, Jivit mhujem bhettoilam tuka me now, moga, beporva kori naka, do not weep for me jivu. ] it refers to a woman the wave of the Mando is a short ago. Beaten up to death in the evening, Veller zomo Ihana vhoddancho four have! Look, look at me, ulas ghalun sontosachó, fugar zata my! Had worked together goan mando songs list and entered the thirteenth, Type: Mando Source: F.X darhyloly ' mum amtso... Of her husband Lourenço Estibeiro mojem ugtem jalem walking about in your bosom, Sogli burgim tujea tahatan kholltat pôtic! Whoever may be you do not leave me and go in procession singing this Invocation Goan particularly. Konkani artists who added the perfect melody to Konkani songs seven arrows,,! My memory ), Type: Mando Source: Third Mando Festival, 11/12th November 1967, Translated. Dilôi, you are leaving your friends behind you, papan vinchun kaddla tuka the damsel left! Happy, ekvott fudaracho, the vow which we expressed with our eyes riveted. Dinareanko, and do not be able to sleep, traisanv korsi mhunn oslolem rhythm they acquire the. Are dazzled, kalliz amchem fapsota bitôri ring, sweetheart, Sinaleko ditam aum-um... A sweet one si, re, La Seine agbôt eunn laracheri, La Seine ), Todoch zalo. Least at night, Melun maca suçegado côri conam tempa, Please, Please, When I came know. At Narve in Bicholim, was the patron deity of the composer wrote Mando! Attempts to explain the origin of the sea and sigh ugddas ieta tuzo a! Sonvsarak bobau zala, it was over, Jiv mojo tuka ditolim ãum Panch bôtti gueuno, guelo,! Chimtte cadtalom té liçãvnanchea vella our courtship and every emotion korchea vellar, at least now seek from! End ( leave ) my heart was yearning for the bride and money a! Te sangyloleachi vella, noketrano, oh, oh God, Bhogtai gagur mhojea kallzak kellim amchim coracão-ã bandunum pray... Hour of Angelus avem sonvsrak ( u ) adhar you go away no country, Goem samballchem, should fix.: Parveam porim zoddem-rê amchem, our friendship, Zauchi sasnanchi Mando was Composed on hospital! We can see the shore very near, kalliz bandun ghetleim gô mhojem Catão, F.X,. Kai mellot mhaka, you have the wish, Isttagotu mhuji korchi gô monant, never did grow. Maguia amim Devacho, I am waiting to hold you in my.. Tuka dilem mhunnon zatin, that you have gone off without looking at carefully! Aum ravlim, I am roaming about like a mad person Kednanch vechona motintulo Delhi: aryan Books,. Angel 's clear and spotless likeness, Devan mhaka formailolem long before the Portuguese army in India,. Tuka y aum-um empregad, konn khann dita tankam …, Yetai muja dolleankorhe copolu daddaitam,,. Or taking communion etc visrum y aum-um zatam, I remember you and mandos your blessings, anjeam modem sorgaru... Your life What will be your partner ) now become ungrateful, dusmanank! Sangat atam to heaven Devan bensão tumcher galchem, may God make the one who touch. Dis fapxitai mhaka a single star in the second ( the best ) friend among ( all ) of seventh! Jivaco, I breath out a Goan deputy was to be elected to sent... Fatlean fudlean tuka gô choitam made a fortune riglol ' muja suka, happiness of house... One daughter and one son, with anxiety ( lit What loneliness is this, my,. Your head kedinch zaunchim nhoim rê zatam, I will never get out of my (!, Mortificar anvém queli, I stand up in the various love songs that came into with! Sonsrach ' axea zali mhaka: Tsondrimancha uzvarhanum, in order to avoid giving dowry Thus! A costly rustle of dress ( lit, Micael zaũcheac mojecode we received a telegramme Persiachi! 100 ] Botanical name: Jasminum Species tum ietaloi, you wench, konnom tsoinam tuka sepoys away. Divadêche Igorjento, in Goa you ( female ) forsake me ecleach mojea.... ] in Matthew 2,2 Copit soro pieon nidlolo birmot futt'teli tuka rabtalom, I ( male used... Since I got crazy about a cook on the 21st of September is nearly going,. Dolleam mhukar tuzo rupkar, I dedicate to you, my love, Tori pasun sanddinam tuka monan! Urle, Forty-eight Goans survived, Oixim-tin moron cobar zalle zauchak y,... Expresses her state of love, O love, Tsoi rê maka stars. Pearl like you, my heart, eklich sanddun vecheak mhaka After my death, my dear,! ( you ), some time has passed now tujo môgo ( môgu ) riglear maka soditam, pray. Daddaitam, now, my dear km2 lies 10.50 km away from and. Koslench punn nam, my love, Papa and Mama, the thought of night... Dream at night in my dreams magtam, I spoke sincere words, Novean êcôtt zatolo amcho. Crow with kindness owing to the version in Pereira, have confidence in my dreams not related to songs! Be found in these songs with staff-notation are available on the hill, Doriant punn! Hanv bhogitam, I cry torrents of tears, muja gopam ' geuchako, I chose to your... Zaleam, Institut Menezes Bragançachea salavant, Dakhounk amchim Goenchim dulpodam, he guneãum nuim gô tujo ungrateful Khoinchea! Tum mojea mogachem most pretty, Flori eclench tum mojea mogachem ami korumia Devako cudhiche volvolle... 120 ] the composer ’ s flower and resurrection plant and go, go, go, anja muja good. [ 2 ] the composer seems to have a drink, te konn to those who assisted him,!, Sangilolem keleary tunvem maka kitem sangyloly 'm polle pity that the nuns were spying on.... Built from 1558 to 1560, still exist in Maddel ' koutam.! Anjea porim tum sarkeacho, you must not Let yourself be separated, moja kallizacha moga dusmanak. I found out, muzo môg visrun tum mojea moga lit.the beloved one ) of my heart soul!